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ChangBo Guo(gcb) 60f9989920 Update URLs in documents according to document migration
Change-Id: I139d4d38e49590d50e51495b6e3b84836975c6ed
2017-07-12 22:54:02 +08:00
loooosy 0f349f8185 Optimize the link address
Use https instead of http to ensure the safety without containing our
account/password information

Change-Id: I0ffb9e2270bbae844c187fdc17610e7805553d66
2017-04-08 22:39:02 +08:00
ZhongShengping 160b85aeef Add HACKING.rst
Change-Id: Ia5a34927c997ec75562a4db45d99ef8f0016e191
2017-03-24 10:22:41 +08:00