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Doug Hellmann e55a83e832 Move files out of the namespace package
Move the public API out of oslo.messaging to oslo_messaging. Retain
the ability to import from the old namespace package for backwards
compatibility for this release cycle.


Co-authored-by: Mehdi Abaakouk <>
Change-Id: Ia562010c152a214f1c0fed767c82022c7c2c52e7
8 years ago
Mark McLoughlin 66f597f30d Expose RemoteError exception in the public API
If a remote endpoint raises an exception which the client is not allowed
to (or cannot) deserialize, then raises a RemoteError
exception instead.

Make this exception type part of the public API.

Change-Id: I70be0ab7d40af3224d93d6bd0522c1a82f6303c3
10 years ago
Mark McLoughlin 837aa03c43 Include docstrings in published docs
Change-Id: Icdfb0535b26162d39c3af683b7729b5e834d89b9
10 years ago