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Andreas Jaeger dfcc4b0010 Simplify tools/ is called after bindep is run in CI, and tox is not setup.

Simplify the script so that it only does what's needed - install
qdrouterd for Ubuntu from qpid/testing.

Install the other packages using bindep, add test to amqp1 profile.

Add amqp1 to bindep_profiles where needed for scenario tests, previously added it everywhere.

NOTE(elod.illes): skip annotation removed from, as
kombu is constrained in ussuri with the version that does not need any
test to skip.

Change-Id: Ic3a9e2c873619670edfbf71022d593f3cb5f70f2
Related-Bug: #1885923
(cherry picked from commit 7e406c312a)
3 years ago
.. Update kafka functional test 6 years ago
messages_length.yaml Modify tool 8 years ago Setup backend scenarios for functional tests 3 years ago Consider the topic parameter as an array in client-notify 4 years ago Simplify tools/ 3 years ago