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Andreas Jaeger 7e406c312a Simplify tools/ is called after bindep is run in CI, and tox is not setup.

Simplify the script so that it only does what's needed - install
qdrouterd for Ubuntu from qpid/testing.

Install the other packages using bindep, add test to amqp1 profile.

Add amqp1 to bindep_profiles where needed for scenario tests, previously added it everywhere.

Some tests are skipped due to changes in recent versions of kombu. These
will be unskipped when we come up with a proper fix.

Change-Id: Ic3a9e2c873619670edfbf71022d593f3cb5f70f2
Related-Bug: #1885923
3 years ago
.. Update kafka functional test 6 years ago
messages_length.yaml Modify tool 8 years ago Setup backend scenarios for functional tests 3 years ago Remove six usage 3 years ago Simplify tools/ 3 years ago