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# common dpkg
gettext [platform:dpkg] # For releasenotes job
build-essential [platform:dpkg]
libffi-dev [platform:dpkg]
# common rpm
gcc [platform:rpm]
gcc-c++ [platform:rpm]
make [platform:rpm]
pkg-config [platform:rpm]
libffi-devel [platform:rpm]
# kombu/pika
rabbitmq-server [platform:dpkg rabbit pika]
# zmq
redis-sentinel [platform:ubuntu !platform:ubuntu-trusty zmq]
redis-server [platform:dpkg zmq]
python-redis [platform:dpkg zmq]
zookeeperd [platform:dpkg zmq]
# AMQP1 dpkg
qpidd [platform:dpkg amqp1]
sasl2-bin [platform:dpkg amqp1]
uuid-dev [platform:dpkg amqp1]
swig [platform:dpkg amqp1]
libsasl2-modules [platform:dpkg amqp1]
# AMQP1 rpm
qpid-cpp-server [platform:rpm amqp1]
qpid-proton-c-devel [platform:rpm amqp1]
python-qpid-proton [platform:rpm amqp1]
cyrus-sasl-lib [platform:rpm amqp1]
cyrus-sasl-plain [platform:rpm amqp1]
libuuid-devel [platform:rpm amqp1]
swig [platform:rpm amqp1]