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ChangBo Guo(gcb) 5a7dcadc94
Deprecate parameter aliases
6 years ago
_cmd [zmq] Make second ROUTER socket optional for proxy 6 years ago
_drivers Merge "Validate the transport url query string" 6 years ago
hacking Test:Use unittest.mock on Python 3 6 years ago
locale/en_GB/LC_MESSAGES Imported Translations from Zanata 7 years ago
notify Merge "Allow checking if notifier is enabled" 6 years ago
rpc Move decorator updated_kwarg_default_value to right place 6 years ago
tests Merge "Remove self.mox" 6 years ago Remove deprecated localcontext 7 years ago Update translation setup 7 years ago Use method fetch_current_thread_functor from oslo.utils 6 years ago [zmq] Redis unavailability is not critical 7 years ago Remove useless logging import statements 6 years ago Move files out of the namespace package 8 years ago Moving driver to new kafka-python version 6 years ago serializer: deprecate RequestContextSerializer 7 years ago Documents recommended executor 7 years ago Fixups to the inline documentation 6 years ago Deprecate parameter aliases 6 years ago pbr.version.VersionInfo needs package name ( and not oslo_xyz) 6 years ago