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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Client constraint file contains this client version pin that is in conflict
# with installing the client from source. We should remove the version pin in
# the constraints file before applying it for from-source installation.
shift 1
set -e
# NOTE(tonyb): Place this in the tox enviroment's log dir so it will get
# published to for easy debugging.
if [[ $CONSTRAINTS_FILE != http* ]]; then
# NOTE(tonyb): need to add curl to bindep.txt if the project supports bindep
curl $CONSTRAINTS_FILE --insecure --progress-bar --output $localfile
pip install -c$localfile openstack-requirements
# This is the main purpose of the script: Allow local installation of
# the current repo. It is listed in constraints file and thus any
# install will be constrained and we need to unconstrain it.
edit-constraints $localfile -- $CLIENT_NAME
pip install -c$localfile -U $*
# NOTE(gordc): temporary override since kombu capped at <4.0.0
pip install -U 'amqp>=2.0.0'
pip install -U 'kombu>=4.0.0'
exit $?