Speed up blueprint checking with naming convention

If the blueprint file is named beginning with the name of a project,
look there for the blueprint first.

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Doug Hellmann 2015-02-24 18:52:53 -05:00
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@ -74,9 +74,13 @@ class BlueprintChecker(object):
def blueprint_exists(self, project_name, bp_name):
"""Return boolean indicating whether the blueprint exists."""
self.app.info('Checking for %s in %s' % (bp_name, project_name))
url = self.BP_URL_TEMPLATE % (project_name, bp_name)
response = requests.get(url)
return response.status_code == 200
if response.status_code == 200:
self.app.info('Found %s in %s' % (bp_name, project_name))
return True
return False
def check(self, bp_name):
"""Given one blueprint name, check to see if it is valid."""
@ -84,10 +88,26 @@ class BlueprintChecker(object):
return True
self.app.info('') # emit newline
candidate_project, dash, bp_name_to_find = bp_name.partition('-')
if candidate_project in self.project_names:
# First check the shortened name of the blueprint in the project.
if self.blueprint_exists(candidate_project, bp_name_to_find):
# Then check the full name of the blueprint in the project.
if self.blueprint_exists(candidate_project, bp_name):
('Blueprint name %r looks like it starts with a project '
'name, but %r was not found in project %r') %
(bp_name, bp_name_to_find, candidate_project)
'Blueprint checking is faster if the file names '
'start with the launchpad project name.'
for project_name in self.project_names:
self.app.info('Checking for %s in %s' % (bp_name, project_name))
if self.blueprint_exists(project_name, bp_name):
self.app.info('Found %s in %s' % (bp_name, project_name))