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Jeremy Stanley 879cbc5e9a Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual
Replace URLs for workflow documentation to appropriate parts of the
OpenStack Project Infrastructure Manual.

Change-Id: I5215be3250a2b88a46258d55d5aab611a4091113
2014-12-05 03:30:39 +00:00
Jenkins 60c87813da Merge "Tighten up documentation" 2014-12-04 18:40:22 +00:00
Jenkins 21e5b4249b Merge "Add pbr to installation requirements" 2014-11-25 21:08:06 +00:00
Sean Dague c7e307e359 provide visual separation in sidebar
Enhance the sidebar display to provide visual distinction between top
level items and lower level items. Top level items are now given a
space above them so they are visually clumped with their children, and
separated from each other. They are also emboldened for greater visual

Ideally sphinx would actually tag li items with their depth as a class
tag, but as it currently doesn't do that we can work around it with
setting at ul li, and unsetting at ul li ul li.

Change-Id: I88d4317ec69fe7fd6f5c2198f89de624f0d093da
2014-11-17 09:12:22 -05:00
Jenkins c8b7c4b344 Merge "Report documentation build warnings as errors" 2014-11-13 22:39:44 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 6ce23c5983 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ie3c6bc00b6e3a13cf5f2ac0e68aa25fb8204375d
2014-10-28 14:05:42 -04:00
Doug Hellmann 64fe08f931 Add pbr to installation requirements
Add pbr to the list of installation requirements so that it is installed
via pip before this library is installed, instead of with easy_install.
This avoids issues like Bug #1384919, and ensures that projects that use
this library as a dependency are properly installed.

Change-Id: I6c155370dbd01fe4748d5137bdf288e8d3e1a67e
2014-10-24 09:32:21 -04:00
Doug Hellmann acd90677ef Tighten up documentation
Remove some mostly empty pages and add a few section headings.

Change-Id: I5f0b99ce7573c60b741dd726e55f28cf3bf9f7fc
2014-10-21 14:56:34 -04:00
Doug Hellmann cf85e067d6 Report documentation build warnings as errors
Change-Id: Ib96d7e0353762e7296292739cd784f8e10d24ce2
2014-09-19 11:32:56 -04:00
Davanum Srinivas 446a8dc6ca Add initial cut for documentation
Closes-Bug: #1364141

Change-Id: I137d244a50088918e2356da883d09f5d95da8bca
2014-09-18 12:31:30 -04:00
Julien Danjou 846487072c Remove empty file
It's useless to include it since it's empty.

Change-Id: I18e147ed2a62671ece9228eb3c6c411bb2aea8f7
2014-09-11 10:38:00 +02:00
Doug Hellmann f6fee8b01f warn against sorting requirements
Change-Id: I64ae9191863564e278a35d42ec9cd743a233028e
Addresses-Bug: #1365061
2014-09-03 14:34:48 -04:00
Graham Hayes 98c8c4b8ad Fixed link text colour for incubation variant
When using a link inside the h3.highlighted sidebar element the
text reverts to the default grey colour

Change-Id: I4e35abd6da42a5d9a7bb8c3b56fd4e8610e4e17c
2014-07-07 17:44:18 +01:00
Graham Hayes c144be8993 Added a incubating project config option
This allows projects that are currently incubated to use oslosphinx

To use a project needs to set

'html_theme_options = {'incubating': True}'

in their sphinx

This is option reflected by changing the side bar to have a bar
at the top that shows 'Incubated Project'

Change-Id: Ib5a06ac1749fec475d326afe19f16fffb8c7d4a7
2014-07-02 13:28:28 -05:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot b5a3060528 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I1588c1e6bbb24999323b8d95b701f01441047c51
2014-06-16 09:52:24 +00:00
Davanum Srinivas ea4511ebfa Bump hacking to 0.9.x series
Change-Id: Iff7562692fe76d24abb16d7b9f283ede2db4357e
2014-06-11 21:57:16 -04:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 616f90e685 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I17f8130c00fd933e5baafb127b41fc8e3fdbafff
2014-04-30 02:46:02 +00:00
Jenkins 9813d18b43 Merge "Support building wheels (PEP-427)" 2014-04-25 11:46:59 +00:00
Jenkins 1933275d31 Merge "Add Python 3 trove classifiers" 2014-04-14 21:19:14 +00:00
Jenkins b612e98970 Merge "Prevent left sidebar text overflow" 2014-04-10 22:03:29 +00:00
Vishvananda Ishaya d32931265a Update manifest to use oslosphinx
The recent rename to oslosphinx missed the, which
breaks packaging of the non .py files.

Change-Id: Ib43879697cb855341904500dae3075f7ea5c17c0
Resolves-bug: 1294272
2014-03-18 11:27:53 -07:00
Davanum Srinivas 40d720e732 Prevent left sidebar text overflow
Add break-word to stop the overflow from the sidebar to the main

Change-Id: I5b2c60e439462f46eb0b24e5133593d293085c87
Closes-Bug: #1289548
2014-03-17 10:43:21 -04:00
Cyril Roelandt 4b0525fd39 Add Python 3 trove classifiers
Change-Id: Ia3633ef89ebc9566e9b91d18b1596b95810c657d
2014-03-10 13:47:46 +01:00
ChangBo Guo(gcb) ba83cf44b5 Remove vim header
We don't need vim modelines in each source file, it can be set in
user's vimrc.

Change-Id: If4f0e93821e20ea837c1fc908845089dd192fcde
Closes-Bug: #1229324
2014-02-24 04:19:47 -05:00
Ben Nemec 28f4cf00a0 Remove references to oslo.sphinx
There were a few left over in the documentation

Change-Id: I87ca3e6c104798a94874916df355b6bdc74c1408
2014-02-12 16:41:37 +00:00
Jenkins 54062b0b1d Merge "Sync with global requirements" 2014-02-11 17:04:36 +00:00
Doug Hellmann e7a6344754 Update .gitreview after repo rename
Change-Id: I6b6e20a7884b47ade466fc38641a5ac1a5f3e146
2014-02-07 20:42:08 +00:00
Sascha Peilicke 195ce9e9e2 Support building wheels (PEP-427)
Universal is used to identify pure-Python module(by bdist_wheel). For
these, it is sufficient to build a wheel with _any_ Python ABI version
and publish that to PyPI (by whatever means).

Change-Id: I34b7f390e2ac60d1a35e1bd352d483e0de7a51e1
2014-02-07 12:37:11 +01:00
Doug Hellmann 229e16bde9 Rename package from oslo.sphinx to oslosphinx
Having the sphinx theme in the same namespace package
as the production code has been causing issues with
devstack installations. This change renames the package
to move it out of the namespace. Another change to the
openstack-infra/config repository will rename the
git repository and associated jobs.

Partial-bug: #1277168

Change-Id: I7788a9d6b5984fdfcc4678f2182104d2eb8a2be0
2014-02-06 08:59:53 -08:00
Sascha Peilicke b31e8f8ca4 Sync with global requirements
Change-Id: I6667cf4e868abd4bc63d0d950f7a21c0b5e53f54
2014-01-16 09:16:42 +01:00
Jenkins 0fd757d3ed Merge "Add -U flag to pip install command" 2013-12-30 15:30:38 +00:00
Sergey Lukjanov a530d5ed81 Add -U flag to pip install command
The -U flag makes tox able to upgrade all packages to the newest available

Change-Id: Ibe5fa0115c2b151ae6f3bd741cc561d2435499e8
2013-12-13 20:15:00 +04:00
Joe Gordon 23e6cb4e11 Update URL for global HACKING document
* Related to I579e7c889f3addc2cd40bce0c584bbc70bf435e2
* Rename local-checks section to make it clearer

Change-Id: If4e006368c09dcd6c87ebf7a2aba448c9a9390de
2013-11-11 10:57:53 -08:00
Jenkins 8e152992d4 Merge "Update build config" 2013-09-20 15:27:24 +00:00
Monty Taylor 6a71811cd7 Update build config
Use latest pbr things that don't require pbr. Also update the tox config
to ensure venv is updated properly.

Change-Id: I157127abd129bbe085c64e2a14f67296da0c4b5e
2013-09-19 07:38:06 -07:00
Mark McLoughlin d4b06bab56 Add namespace_packages to setup.cfg
We lost this when switching to latest pbr.

Thanks to dprince for catching this in Smokestack.

Change-Id: Ideb3f9750269d825f380351c3bbbbf743bff08ba
2013-09-18 07:50:20 -07:00
Monty Taylor c89928aaa0 Update pbr usage past needing d2to1
Change-Id: Ia5c8dd9259e8098c2ad39eda6fc44c6db81944ad
2013-09-13 11:34:34 -05:00
Julien Danjou f296853bed Remove useless jquery.tweet.js
This file exports a jQuery tweet function, but it's never called anywhere in
the theme.

Change-Id: Ie5191940a8e9dc3e2562888d050cd00dc63066d8
2013-07-25 16:11:16 +02:00
Sergey Lukjanov 9f34799a2c Allow use of hacking 0.6.0 and fix min version
Change-Id: If336be59cf790029b5e24f05074e6ec6e9658134
2013-07-22 08:11:30 +04:00
Monty Taylor e4b2587d6b Add an OpenStack-wide intersphinx mapping file
Change-Id: Id30470132eb9540b6f7fb693fca5ec0cbe2ce49a
2013-07-14 20:43:02 -04:00
Jenkins 9ab5dacf3e Merge "Ensure that AUTHORS and ChangeLog are packaged" 2013-07-12 22:45:30 +00:00
Dirk Mueller b139fa873e Ensure that AUTHORS and ChangeLog are packaged
Include AUTHORS and ChangeLog from pbr to be included
in the sdist tarball. Add a minimal HACKING.rst for
consistency with other projects.

Fixes LP Bug #1186518

Change-Id: I0f188c1c1b449b74b43296222d33a89f98645950
2013-07-08 11:06:08 +02:00
Monty Taylor f93071eef0 Add emacs save files to gitignore
Change-Id: If0accbcc80d9289907d83a9df0e0d0604c11800b
2013-07-05 13:04:56 -04:00
Monty Taylor 4e2051a422 Add venv tox env.
OpenStack CI requires this to generate the tarball.

Change-Id: I170f4d25e4a59027d4c85ff70f03f31a1b3dc916
2013-07-05 13:04:56 -04:00
Doug Hellmann ac91ff16bc Import Sphinx theme for OpenStack
This is a copy of the Sphinx theme for OpenStack developer
documentation imported from the ceilometer repository. After
this library is released, we will remove the copies of the
theme from all of the other repositories.

blueprint oslo.sphinx

Change-Id: I20b6c224b8d8fbede354c2a28ad67eda3a4b9dac
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2013-07-03 11:13:33 -04:00
OpenStack Project Creator eca47086d0 Added .gitreview 2013-06-30 17:07:29 +00:00