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Has instructions on how to run reno, and a link to the docs.  Copied from neutron.

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OVN Octavia Provider Release Notes Howto
Release notes are a new feature for documenting new features in
OpenStack projects. Background on the process, tooling, and
methodology is documented in a `mailing list post by Doug Hellmann <>`_.
Writing release notes
For information on how to create release notes, please consult the
`reno documentation <>`__.
Please keep the following in your mind when you write release notes.
* **Avoid using "prelude" section** for individual release notes.
"prelude" section is for general comments about the release.
* **Use one entry per section** (like "feature" or "upgrade").
All entries which belong to a same release will be merged and rendered,
so there is less meaning to use multiple entries by a single topic.
Maintaining release notes
.. warning::
Avoid modifying an existing release note file even though it is related
to your change. If you modify a release note file of a past release,
the whole content will be shown in a latest release. The only allowed
case is to update a release note in a same release.
If you need to update a release note of a past release,
edit a corresponding release note file in a stable branch directly.

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