Update sample local.conf to mention OVN_BRANCH

Using OVN from packages was introduced in devstack via

This change updates the sample file to make users aware of it,
the gate jobs already use it.

Change-Id: Ia778f86bcbdf71bb5bfd98c54417e81b72db6890
Brian Haley 2021-03-05 17:00:39 -05:00
parent cca9d464fa
commit c7969b6acf
1 changed files with 10 additions and 5 deletions

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@ -76,11 +76,16 @@ disable_service cinder c-sch c-api c-vol
# Default value is leastloaded.
# Whether or not to build custom openvswitch kernel modules from the ovs git
# tree. This is enabled by default. This is required unless your distro kernel
# includes ovs+conntrack support. This support was first released in Linux 4.3,
# and will likely be backported by some distros.
# The DevStack plugin defaults to using the ovn branch from the official ovs
# repo. You can optionally use a different one. For example, you may want to
# use the latest patches in blp's ovn branch (and see OVN_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE):
# NOTE: When specifying the branch, as shown above, you must also enable this!
# By default, OVN will be installed from packages. In order to build OVN from
# source, set OVN_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE=True
# If the admin wants to enable this chassis to host gateway routers for
# external connectivity, then set ENABLE_CHASSIS_AS_GW to True.