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Jake Yip 5167173ddf Add SB connection to in devstack
In Change I3d6422037f977f98abed88a326ab73ff6689cde9 we set the SSL SB

Also set the non-SSL SB config for consistency.

Change-Id: Ibbdace8d71a6168a604f3fcd7f92b973993ca660
2022-03-14 11:04:22 +11:00
Jake Yip 657a9280d3 Add SB ssl connection to in devstack
When using `enable_service tls-proxy`, devstack creates the appropriate NB
config but did not do so for the SB. SB configurations are necessary
too, as specified in config guide[1].


Change-Id: I3d6422037f977f98abed88a326ab73ff6689cde9
2022-03-10 11:08:26 +11:00
Gregory Thiemonge 6f569afc02 Improve enabled_provider_drivers default in devstack
Define a default value for enabled_provider_drivers that is closer to
the value defined in octavia.
The octavia-tempest-plugin default provider is still 'octavia', so
enabling the ovn-provider plugin broke the tempest plugin default

Also fix some double-quote issues when using spaces in the

Change-Id: I21aa03f7cc661f4e5669805fc7f45a7a322e2597
2021-03-25 11:17:05 +01:00
Brian Haley c7969b6acf Update sample local.conf to mention OVN_BRANCH
Using OVN from packages was introduced in devstack via

This change updates the sample file to make users aware of it,
the gate jobs already use it.

Change-Id: Ia778f86bcbdf71bb5bfd98c54417e81b72db6890
2021-03-05 17:00:39 -05:00
Brian Haley aa4ffe5f2c Change devstack script to correctly configure driver
With the OVN devstack code now in-tree, either Q_AGENT
or NEUTRON_AGENT can be set to "ovn", but the provider
driver plugin was only checking for the latter. This led
to things not being installed or configured depending on
how local.conf was written. Let's support either.

Change-Id: I230cc82559b4cc86d6443bff89881dba55b52503
2020-10-13 13:46:20 -04:00
Maciej Józefczyk 65c25a4006 Add installation of octavia-tempest-plugin to sample local.conf
We don't run neutron-tempest-plugin tests, so just change
neutron-tempest-plugin tests to octavia-tempest-plugin.

Change-Id: If7c22a690e26d27941684ff910dc83ff471cd28d
2020-07-22 12:56:24 +02:00
Brian Haley c6cee92073 Spawn long-running processes in the driver agent
The OVN Octavia provider driver in the OvnProviderHelper
class caches these attributes:


to not re-create things each time OVN IDL that is used for
handling events is called.

We should be using the Octavia Driver Provider Agent framework
instead to not have those long-running IDLs in the API process.

This change:
- Creates driver provider agent and registers its entry point
- While setting up the driver agent instance, start IDL that
  will handle events
- Stop caching ovn_nbdb_api, ovn_nb_idl_for_events and
  ovn_nbdb_api_for_events in the OvnProviderHelper class

Change-Id: I0034a48997bd6b95e1b51bfcbd56e8372b35e62f
Closes-bug: #1871355
2020-04-23 11:03:36 -04:00
Brian Haley 3a5deb7ce9 Update the devstack local.conf sample file
local.conf.sample was a little out-dated and failed
stacking.  Update to be more like the neutron sample
file with the added Octavia and OVN provider sections.

Change-Id: I38df77012d63efd1e8769c13ed35a017d4cb6141
2020-04-09 14:25:01 -04:00
Maciej Józefczyk a0c194624f Respect SSL devstack configuration
If devstack is spawned with SSL, that means we need
to configure OVN databases connectors to use TLS.

Change-Id: I4f95a6ea0f299700281e3dde26ebcaba77a1b1fc
2020-03-27 13:57:27 +00:00
Maciej Józefczyk 654cf42e8f Add tempest gate, devstack plugin and sample devstack config
This patch adds:
 * ovn-octavia-provider-driver tempest job
 * devstack plugin

Change-Id: I42878326c3654db7a1be83f5889457c8c85117b6
2020-03-19 11:04:14 +00:00
Brian Haley e948b83896 Add admin and contributor documentation
This patch adds documenation on the driver design and API.

Change-Id: Ia5a011f6f1a6a97511bf29915a62a5cdad694eee
2020-03-02 11:33:16 +01:00