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ovn-octavia-provider Style Commandments
Read the OpenStack Style Commandments https://docs.openstack.org/hacking/latest/
Below you can find a list of checks specific to this repository.
- [N322] Detect common errors with assert_called_once_with
- [N328] Detect wrong usage with assertEqual
- [N330] Use assertEqual(*empty*, observed) instead of
assertEqual(observed, *empty*)
- [N331] Detect wrong usage with assertTrue(isinstance()).
- [N332] Use assertEqual(expected_http_code, observed_http_code) instead of
assertEqual(observed_http_code, expected_http_code).
- [N343] Production code must not import from ovn_octavia_provider.tests.*
- [N344] Python 3: Do not use filter(lambda obj: test(obj), data). Replace it
with [obj for obj in data if test(obj)].
- [N347] Test code must not import mock library
- [N348] Detect usage of assertItemsEqual