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OVN Octavia Provider Release Notes Howto

Release notes are a new feature for documenting new features in OpenStack projects. Background on the process, tooling, and methodology is documented in a mailing list post by Doug Hellmann.

Writing release notes

For information on how to create release notes, please consult the reno documentation.

Please keep the following in your mind when you write release notes.

  • Avoid using "prelude" section for individual release notes. "prelude" section is for general comments about the release.
  • Use one entry per section (like "feature" or "upgrade"). All entries which belong to a same release will be merged and rendered, so there is less meaning to use multiple entries by a single topic.

Maintaining release notes


Avoid modifying an existing release note file even though it is related to your change. If you modify a release note file of a past release, the whole content will be shown in a latest release. The only allowed case is to update a release note in a same release.

If you need to update a release note of a past release, edit a corresponding release note file in a stable branch directly.