OVN Octavia provider driver.
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Luis Tomas Bolivar 5246f946b6 Ensure OVN-LB is properly configured upon LS removal from LR
If an ovn-lb is created (VIP and members) in a LS (neutron network)
that has 2 subnets (IPv4 + IPv6), and this LS is connected to a LR,
removing the LS from the LR leads to the removal of the ovn-lb from
the LS and consequently to remove it from the OVN SB DB as it is not
associated to any datapath

This is a problem on the _find_ls_for_lr function that looks for
all the LR ports, and get the network name from them, therefore,
even though the port for the LS got deleted, there is still another
port from the other subnet pointing to the same network (LS), which
is the culprit to delete the ovn-lb from that LS.

With this patch, the VIP IP version is consider so that the router
ports that belongs to the other subnet are not considered and the
ovn-lb is not therefore removed from the LS.

Closes-Bug: #1992363
Change-Id: I7b6dd9a31020d942d391726662e9b5ed9d76dc1f
(cherry picked from commit 512b2c83b5)
2022-10-28 12:34:48 +00:00
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ovn-octavia-provider - OVN Provider driver for Octavia LoadBalancer

OVN provides virtual networking for Open vSwitch and is a component of the Open vSwitch project. This project provides integration between OpenStack Octavia and OVN.

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