141 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jakub Libosvar 6a246a73a8 Move WaitForPortBindingEvent out from testing code 3 weeks ago
  Terry Wilson ceea8a23f1 Make Event logging more useful by default 1 month ago
  reedip 0fe5351c09 TrivialFix: Fix the chassis_del comment in Southbound API 1 month ago
  Abhiram Sangana 776377f0b6 Change the order of parameters for lsp_bind method 1 month ago
  Abhiram Sangana 9f8dc4494d Allow match_ip in LrNatDelCommand to be IP network 2 months ago
  Frank Wang 3c6c766847 add an option to let the user choose the right time to start connection 3 months ago
  Terry Wilson 4eabf17683 Make it possible to opt out of nested transactions 3 months ago
  Terry Wilson 8d8ab85485 Add db_create_row method 3 months ago
  Jakub Libosvar c52e53b1bc Add mock.patch.stopall cleanup handler to base test class 3 months ago
  Terry Wilson 9a2ba5e7fb Mock Thread for both connection tests 3 months ago
  Terry Wilson dc35ed1902 Remove vtep-related code from venv testing 3 months ago
  Frank Wang 5e141174f1 modify RowEvent hash key 4 months ago
  Terry Wilson a0f7d79a56 Make event debug log more useful 3 months ago
  Terry Wilson ae5b175584 Pass kwargs from execute to transaction() 3 months ago
  Terry Wilson 4ee25ad6af Break out match_fn from matches 4 months ago
  Terry Wilson bc06517ba3 Convert base commands to ReadOnlyCommand 4 months ago
  Terry Wilson 692653f49f Allow read-only Commands to bypass txns in execute() 5 months ago
  Ted Elhourani 5458269972 Attempt to fetch the schema from any remote 6 months ago
  melissaml 3f3ddec16d Fix a typo in docstring 6 months ago
  Terry Wilson 2f824c1149 Add Gateway_Chassis support 6 months ago
  Lucas Alvares Gomes d85e5b8029 Fix functional tests timeout race condition 7 months ago
  Terry Wilson 46e4323bed Expand retry behavior to cover other python-ovs methods 7 months ago
  Terry Wilson 0e5904ac9e Add WaitEvent to the API 8 months ago
  Jakub Libosvar 64342ba52c ut: Patch get_ident for race transaction test 9 months ago
  Jakub Libosvar 9c07fe8310 Make nested transaction thread aware 9 months ago
  Lucas Alvares Gomes 31a4764353 NBDB API: Add param if_exists for methods using db_remove() 9 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 665666c031 fix tox python3 overrides 1 year ago
  Chuck Short ac3c95c1b4 update pylint to 1.9.2 10 months ago
  Miguel Duarte Barroso 5044279f58 Remove the oslo-utils dependency 10 months ago
  Terry Wilson c3d639ab45 Ensure timeout on queueing transaction 1 year ago
  Terry Wilson f15d014fc7 Use api.lookup instead of idlutils.row_by_record 11 months ago
  Terry Wilson b494214719 Make it possible to run functional tests again 11 months ago
  Lucas Alvares Gomes 62a619024a Port Group's letfovers 1 year ago
  Daniel Alvarez 7e980f1ae5 Add Port Group ACL commands 1 year ago
  Lucas Alvares Gomes 90dfca5dfc Add Port_Group commands 1 year ago
  Daniel Alvarez 476b174f7d Improve DbListCommand operation from O(n^2) to O(n) 1 year ago
  Guoshuai Li ad47adb3d2 Add QoS command for ovn northbound db. 1 year ago
  Guoshuai Li 2e8817d198 Change external_ids to columns, in dns_add API 1 year ago
  Lucas Alvares Gomes b7c9dc9f0a Transaction: Handle NOT_LOCKED status 1 year ago
  zhangzs acede4dd1c Fix spelling error 1 year ago
  Terry Wilson 1810faecc9 Ensure idl.run() called on TRY_AGAIN 1 year ago
  Marcin Mirecki 6b5b3bda6c Add LrGet command 1 year ago
  Omer Anson 9a2cd1af3c Update OvsdbConnectionUnavailable error message 1 year ago
  Petr Horáček b72529470c Document *_extenal_ids methods in open_vswitch/api.py 1 year ago
  Terry Wilson 36a13474f6 Display attempt number during transaction commit 1 year ago
  Petr Horáček 15836d3df2 Extend transaction with multiple commands 1 year ago
  Petr Horáček 124b52c425 IP should be optional in lsp_set_addresses 1 year ago
  Petr Horáček f9c0bea3ab Support setting of interface external-ids 1 year ago
  Terry Wilson 8ffd90dbf3 Don't throw NotConnectedError in queue_txn 1 year ago
  Terry Wilson 158ae06bce Don't wait on TRY_AGAIN when calling commit_block() 1 year ago