Tempest plugin for testing and verifying RBAC policy enforcement.
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Ghanshyam Mann 54fc749ddc Add releasenote to tag the Patrole for Wallaby release 3 months ago
.placeholder Initial Cookiecutter commit 5 years ago
0.1.0-pike-6590a2996b7c06d6.yaml Prepare release notes for release 0.1.0 4 years ago
add-extra-hypervisor-tests-9374e5fcdb0266e2.yaml Correct reno list formatting 4 years ago
add-force-delete-backup-test-7e896affd1471328.yaml Add RBAC test for force-deleting a backup 4 years ago
add-metadef-resource-type-7973621c5e8fff7f.yaml Adds create metadef resource test 4 years ago
add-neutron-tempest-plugin-clients-c031e232021b390c.yaml Add tests to cover segments 3 years ago
add-quota-classes-tests-3e61e671f6e131df.yaml Add RBAC tests for cinder os-quota-class-sets API 4 years ago
add-security-group-tests-ae5c07074e0ac849.yaml Adds server security group tests 4 years ago
additional-network-ports-rbac-tests-3f48ce1b6bda7694.yaml Additional port-related RBAC tests 4 years ago
additional-router-rbac-tests-66ef013c54016326.yaml Additional network router RBAC tests 4 years ago
admin-only-identity-v2-admin-6f382e38d7a690a4.yaml [Fix gate] Fix failing identity v2 admin tests 4 years ago
adopt_nova_new_policies-c61d1c3751ff1bf9.yaml Gate fix and update compute tests to adopt new policies 1 year ago
agents-ca4a5e232ce242a5.yaml Adds update and delete agent tests 4 years ago
backup-project-attribute-test-504f053c6ec95b85.yaml Volume test for backup:backup_project_attribute 4 years ago
backwards-incompatible-rule-feature-flag-ebe8b44c0aa663a8.yaml feature flag: Policy feature enabled config group 3 years ago
break-up-rbac-malformed-exception-into-discrete-exceptions-92aedb99d0a13f58.yaml refactor: Break up RbacMalformedException into discrete exceptions 3 years ago
changed-nova-policies-victoria-7a5f123238b099d9.yaml Fix gate for multiple issues 10 months ago
changed_nova_policies_ussuri-177582b3ded63411.yaml fix: admin and member gates are broken 1 year ago
check-expected-errors-only-in-override-role-f7109a73f5ff70e2.yaml Limit exception handling to calls within override_role 3 years ago
communitize-image-rbac-test-bdf1109e58a6c2e0.yaml Add RBAC test for communitize_image policy 4 years ago
compute-snapshots-tests-86c137eb545707ee.yaml Adds tests for compute snapshots API 4 years ago
config-opts-paths-01e2a5096a1579b8.yaml Creates config options for policy.json paths 4 years ago
console-6db96c4e329c0ab2.yaml Adds console output RBAC tests 4 years ago
deprecate-enable-rbac-option-1e499bb0914cdee8.yaml Deprecate enable_rbac configuration option 3 years ago
deprecate-rbac-group-148e222913dc74cc.yaml Deprecate [rbac] configuration group. 4 years ago
deprecate-rbac-utils-switch-role-a959f7bb3ebab353.yaml Base implementation of override_role for automatic role re-switch 4 years ago
deprecate-roles-client-in-rbac-utils-087eda0658d18fa9.yaml Deprecate use of v2 roles client in rbac_utils.py 3 years ago
deprecate-strict-policy-enforce-option-e15d2be4e753608e.yaml Deprecate strict_policy_enforce configuration option 4 years ago
dhcp-agent-scheduler-test-842fc1df45799def.yaml Correct reno list formatting 4 years ago
domain-config-rbac-tests-8806ca7c159ddf94.yaml Identity V3 Tests - Domain Configurations 4 years ago
drop-py-2-7-d287ad9a325b132d.yaml [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing 1 year ago
dynamic-policy-file-discovery-104cbfc64b55d605.yaml Dynamic policy file discovery 4 years ago
encryption-types-c9a2d9a3c1996da4.yaml Add encryption types test 4 years ago
end-of-support-for-stein-8b93f530ae9b7331.yaml Add releasenote to tag the end of support for Stein 6 months ago
endpoint-filter-projects-7f64c88659ef0c30.yaml Keystone v3 tests for endpoint filters for projects 4 years ago
ep-filter-groups-rbac-tests-bca28e9a055bbb8d.yaml Identity v3 RBAC Tests - EP Filter Groups 4 years ago
extended-availability-zone-policies-2ec19e8bbb9ce158.yaml RBAC tests for extended availability zone policies 4 years ago
extended-server-attributes-36623af87e714369.yaml RBAC tests for extended server attributes policies 4 years ago
extra-volume-types-tests-2e4538bed7348be4.yaml Add vol extra specs/type access RBAC tests 4 years ago
flavor-manage-rbac-tests-eb78439316d67ab2.yaml Test coverage for compute flavor_manage policies 4 years ago
flavor-rxtx-d7aadbb32a9f232c.yaml Fix flavor_rxtx_rbac 4 years ago
glance-v1-api-deprecated-1aba7b6ae0b6e063.yaml Patrole should only test glance v2 api. 4 years ago
hypervisor-list-with-details-test-655e873cd881c2bb.yaml List hypervisors with details rbac test 4 years ago
image-size-rbac-tests-545e5ace0d88ab34.yaml RBAC tests for image_size compute policy action. 4 years ago
implied-roles-96a307a2b9fa2a40.yaml Support implied rules 2 years ago
intermediate-train-release-c8f2da843a6e3809.yaml Add releasenote to tag the end of support for Pike 2 years ago
intermediate-ussuri-release-8f7bb2140bca827c.yaml Add releasenote to tag the end of support for Queens 1 year ago
keypairs-c8355d9496f83f9f.yaml RBAC tests for key_name in response 4 years ago
keystone_policy_enforcement_rocky-b52fb471ac31189b.yaml fix: admin, member, and reader gates broken 2 years ago
lock-server-460767a02d15bb29.yaml Adds lock server tests 4 years ago
merge-rbac-auth-with-rbac-rule-validation-5d7c286788a95ee9.yaml Merge rbac_auth with rbac_rule_validation 4 years ago
more-volume-backup-tests-c3f10aa245df2a4b.yaml Additional volume v2 backup RBAC tests 4 years ago
multi-policy-support-4e5c8b4e9e25ad9d.yaml Add support for handling multiple error codes 3 years ago
multi-role-rbac-7f597c004a558956.yaml Multi role RBAC validation 3 years ago
multiple-policy-files-9aa7f7583283739e.yaml Add support for multiple policy files 3 years ago
nova_volume_client-75e153a1c84e4ff8.yaml Nova test for Volume client 4 years ago
os-create-backup-test-cd8037ea130c3d8d.yaml Add os-create-backup compute RBAC test 4 years ago
override-role-and-validate-list-d3b80f773674a652.yaml Helper for validating RBAC list actions 3 years ago
patrole-devstack-plugin-551c9af3325723c9.yaml Patrole devstack plugin 4 years ago
patrole-rocky-release-e6f36691306bec7e.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Patrole for Rocky release 3 years ago
patrole-stein-release-874b36f2fedcd2fb.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Patrole for Stein release 2 years ago
patrole-train-release-7d493ff5039f1715.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Patrole for Train release 2 years ago
patrole-ussuri-release-6a2ec4e5c357fb19.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Patrole for Ussuri release 1 year ago
patrole-victoria-release-e3dc105ed55a7c4c.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Patrole for Victoria release 9 months ago
patrole-wallaby-release-cbc6687e4aeff56a.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Patrole for Wallaby release 3 months ago
rbac-per-test-log-071a530e957c1c26.yaml Add a per-test log 4 years ago
rbac-tests-for-compute-extended-status-ef00256e58b66223.yaml RBAC tests for os-extended-status policies 4 years ago
rbac-tests-for-compute-extended-volumes-7f3ccab122d22737.yaml RBAC tests for os-extended-volumes policies 4 years ago
rbac-tests-for-network-agents-fbc899925b5948b1.yaml RBAC tests for Tempest network agents_client 4 years ago
rbac-tests-for-quota-class-sets-20d874b185902308.yaml RBAC tests for compute quota class sets 4 years ago
rbac-utils-refactoring-2f4f1e3b52fcae14.yaml Refactoring RbacUtils 2 years ago
remove-admin-only-kwarg-919f1a4797318a33.yaml Remove admin_only kwarg from rbac_rule_validation decorator 3 years ago
remove-assisted-volume-snapshot-tests-c204bc72779cb53a.yaml Remove assisted volume snapshot RBAC tests 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-api-extensions-policies-fca3d31c7f5f1f6c.yaml Skip the deprecated API extensions policy tests 3 years ago
remove-deprecated-enable-rbac-config-option-a5e46ce1053b7dea.yaml Remove deprecated patrole.enable_rbac configuration option 3 years ago
remove-deprecated-rules-expected-error-codes-params-52071a83113934fd.yaml Replace rule/expected_error_code with non-deprecated versions 3 years ago
remove-deprecated-switch-role-148c9a5c6796857f.yaml Remove deprecated switch_role method 3 years ago
remove-identity-v2-tests-bac20fda1d85327a.yaml Remove all v2.0 identity API tests 3 years ago
remove-named-policy-files-134f3045502e9ce9.yaml Remove deprecated custom policy file options 4 years ago
remove-rbac-config-group-097c200f3db99fad.yaml Remove deprecrated [rbac] config group 4 years ago
remove-strict-policy-check-480e3d664f7b2d96.yaml Remove already-deprecated strict_policy_check option 3 years ago
removed-keystone-policies-stein-feature-flag-6cfebbf64ed525d7.yaml Add feature flag for Keystone policies removed in Stein 3 years ago
removed-nova-policies-wallaby-feature-flag-abf3045a0a3e3315.yaml Fix gate: Add feature flag for nova policies removed in Wallaby 7 months ago
requirements-authority-multi-role-support-0fe53fc49567e595.yaml RequirementsAuthority multi role support enhancement 3 years ago
server-metadata-rbac-tests-2404b5d13c492b62.yaml Correct reno list formatting 4 years ago
service-provider-bc71da578e717c3a.yaml Adds service_providers client tests 4 years ago
start-of-pike-support-360e27b4d192e3d2.yaml Prepare release notes for release 0.2.0 4 years ago
start-of-queens-support-6c379f2b9cafbf31.yaml Add releasenotes to mark the start of Queens support 3 years ago
subnet-rbac-tests-6d3cf54e39a7b486.yaml Subnet rbac tests 4 years ago
subnetpools_update_is_default_test-d3540a87469b6dc8.yaml RBAC test for update_subnetpool:is_default 4 years ago
support-deprecated-roles-eae9dc742cb4fa33.yaml Fix OverPermission exception for keystone tests 2 years ago
support_requirements_yaml-a90e0188a19421ba.yaml Add support for testing custom RBAC requirements 4 years ago
test_oauth_tokens_rbac-13e1d3b5decbaf79.yaml Add test cases for oauth1 token related APIs. 4 years ago
test_tokens_rbac-7f36919b786e9ffc.yaml Add missing v2 token related testcases 4 years ago
test_tokens_rbac-63a93e507d079a03.yaml Add missing v3 token related testcases 4 years ago
update-group-volume-test-06c7475ccbe36aa8.yaml Add RBAC test for updating volume group 4 years ago
volume-services-rbac-test-57e69f9952c8746e.yaml Volume services rbac test 4 years ago
volume-summary-a3c3b010c1880bcb.yaml Adds volume summary test reno 4 years ago
volume-type-encryption-policy-granularity-141ac283b9c0778e.yaml Add granularity for volume_extension:volume_type_encryption 3 years ago
volume-upload-public-test-f8e741a838ae7607.yaml Volume test for volume_extension:volume_actions:upload_public 4 years ago
volume-v3-groups-rbac-tests-60bddf6fa509545d.yaml RBAC tests for volume v3 groups and group types 4 years ago
volumes-client-tests-d697a4a75d3e1405.yaml Adds missing volumes client tests 4 years ago
yaml-policy-file-support-278d3edf64f98d69.yaml Use oslo_policy.policy.Rules.load to load rules 3 years ago