Ensure resource classes correctly

Previously, SchedulerReportClient.set_inventory_for_provider used this
logic to pre-create custom resource classes found in the input

                 (rc_name for rc_name in inv_data
                  if rc_name not in fields.ResourceClass.STANDARD)))

...where _ensure_resource_class would always attempt to create the
resource class it was given, and raise an exception if that failed for
any reason.  Note in particular that attempting to create an
already-extant "standard" resource class will fail just the same as
attempting to create any nonexistent resource class that doesn't conform
to the schema (i.e. beginning with "CUSTOM_").

The problem is that this relies on the local system's notion of the set
of standard resource classes. If the placement service is running newer
code, standard resource classes may have been added that the compute
service doesn't know about yet.

This change set solves the problem by only attempting to create resource
classes with the 'CUSTOM_' prefix.

self._ensure_resource_class (which worked on a single resource class) is
replaced with self._ensure_resource_classes (plural) which accepts a
list of *all* the desired resource classes (including the standard
ones), filters down to the CUSTOM_* ones, and attempts to create the

Note that if placement ever decides to start allowing creation of
resource classes with prefixes other than CUSTOM_, it will have to do so
under a new microversion, so we can't future-proof this by e.g.
prefetching all the known resource classes from placement and attempting
to create any not found in that list.

In the process of doing this rework, obsolete code paths relying on
pre-1.7 placement microversions are removed.

Change-Id: I600ed262e1b5d11facbf461e28291193665280cf
Closes-Bug: #1746615
Eric Fried 5 years ago
parent 9deb923afe
commit 47a28bc4c3
  1. 16

@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ class SchedulerReportClientTests(test.TestCase):
# Try setting some invalid inventory and make sure the report
# client raises the expected error.
inv_data = {
'BAD_FOO': {
'total': 100,
'reserved': 0,
'min_unit': 1,
@ -274,18 +274,8 @@ class SchedulerReportClientTests(test.TestCase):
with interceptor.RequestsInterceptor(app=self.app, url=self.url):
self.client.update_compute_node(self.context, self.compute_node)
# Simulate that our locally-running code has an outdated notion of
# standard resource classes.
with mock.patch.object(fields.ResourceClass, 'STANDARD',
# TODO(efried): Once bug #1746615 is fixed, this will no longer
# raise, and can be replaced with:
# self.client.set_inventory_for_provider(
# self.context, self.compute_uuid, self.compute_name, inv)
self.context, self.compute_uuid, self.compute_name, inv)
self.context, self.compute_uuid, self.compute_name, inv)