setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores

Setuptools v54.1.0 introduces a warning that the use of dash-separated
options in 'setup.cfg' will not be supported in a future version [1].
Get ahead of the issue by replacing the dashes with underscores. Without
this, we see 'UserWarning' messages like the following on new enough
versions of setuptools:

  UserWarning: Usage of dash-separated 'description-file' will not be
  supported in future versions. Please use the underscore name
  'description_file' instead


Change-Id: I421ebf0bdd7b4ae18e93b2e0836fa7fe13066f1b
yangyawei 2021-05-14 09:50:19 +08:00
parent 53a8380728
commit 5e2ca2ddc7
1 changed files with 3 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
name = project-config
summary = Infrastructure Configuration for the OpenStack Project
description-file =
description_file =
author = OpenStack Infrastructure Team
author-email =
home-page =
author_email =
home_page =
classifier =
Environment :: OpenStack
Intended Audience :: Information Technology