Restore rax-ord quota but lower max-concurrency

Looking at our graphs, we're still spiking up into the 30-60
concurrent building range at times, which seems to result in some
launches exceeding the already lengthy timeout and wasting quota,
but when things do manage to boot we effectively utilize most of
max-servers nicely. The variability is because max-concurrency is
the maximum number of in-flight node requests the launcher will
accept for a provider, but the number of nodes in a request can be
quite large sometimes.

Raise max-servers back to its earlier value reflecting our available
quota in this provider, but halve the max-concurrency so we don't
try to boot so many at a time.

Change-Id: I683cdf92edeacd7ccf7b550c5bf906e75dfc90e8
Jeremy Stanley 2023-03-16 19:26:58 +00:00
parent fd2b1e2f2f
commit 8f916dc736
1 changed files with 2 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -194,14 +194,14 @@ providers:
# timeout but mitigate node request delays by not retrying failures. Also
# try to substantially reduce the number of instances we launch in
# parallel.
max-concurrency: 10
max-concurrency: 5
launch-retries: 1
launch-timeout: 900
rate: 0.01
diskimages: *provider_diskimages
- name: main
max-servers: 100
max-servers: 195
labels: *provider_pools_labels