tools/ Add some human readable output

Currently if your ACL fails the normalization pass you get a diff, but
no explaination of what that diff represents.

This is an attempt to make the situation better without having to
undertake some sort of major rewrite of the transformer.  We move the
current in-code comments into human-actionable strings, and add a
"-help" argument that prints this out.  If we have normalization
failures, we add a step to the driver script to print this string out.
This will appear in the job output and hopefully be easily seen when
scrolling the logs.

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Ian Wienand 2023-04-20 11:44:50 +10:00
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@ -38,6 +38,10 @@ num_errors=$(cat config_failures | grep "is not normalized" | wc -l)
if [ $num_errors -ne 0 ]; then
echo -e; cat config_failures
echo -e "There are $num_errors projects not normalized."
echo -e "******************************************************"
$OLDPWD/tools/ -help
echo -e "******************************************************"
exit 1

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@ -13,6 +13,8 @@
# Usage: acl.config [transformation [transformation [...]]]
# Transformations are described in user-facing detail below
# Transformations:
# all Apply all transformations.
# 0 - dry run (default, print to stdout rather than modifying file in place)
@ -28,12 +30,68 @@
# 9 - Ensure submit requirements
# * functions only noblock
# * each label has a s-r block
# There is a final pass to use tab indents that always applies.
import re
import sys
# If adding a normalization step, add human-parsable description of it
# here.
One or more files have failed the Gerrit ACL normalization checks. A
diff of the expected output is presented above. You can reference this
with the following transformations to correct any problems.
The current transformations
1. Whitespace should be stripped/condensed and keys should be
alphabetically sorted.
2. [access "refs/tags/*"] should not have create permissions
3. No "project.stat{e,us} = active" since it's a default or a typo
4. Remove default "*.owner = group" Administrators permissions
5. The exclusiveGroupPermissions group lists should be sorted
6. Old references to openstack-ci-admins and openstack-ci-core should
now be infra-core
7. There should be at least one core team, if no team is defined with
special suffixes like core, admins, milestone or Users
8. Whenever a project-specific ACL declares exclusiveGroupPermissions
on some permission, it overrides standard permissions that would
otherwise be inherited from All-Projects ACL. These conditions
must be duplicated into the project-specific rule to maintain
standard behaviour.
9. Labels must have submit-requirements
- must have "function = NoBlock"
- each label must have a corresponding submit-requirement block
10. Values should be indented with a hard tab, as that is the gerrit
default; e.g.
key1 = value
key2 = value
''' # noqa: W191, E101
aclfile = sys.argv[1]
# NOTE(ianw) : 2023-04-20 obviously we would not write any of this
# like this if we were starting fresh. But this has grown from a
# simple thing into something difficult for people to deal with. If
# we have any errors during the tox job, we use this to print out a
# help message.
if (aclfile == '-help'):
transformations = sys.argv[2:]
if transformations and transformations[0] == 'all':