Remove publish-install-guide ocata job

This job was only used for ocata branch which is now End of Life.
Besides, the only job template that used this job is the
install-guide-jobs template, that has already been removed.

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Előd Illés 2022-01-19 19:30:17 +01:00 committed by Dr. Jens Harbott
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commit afa9e9bb4a
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@ -694,28 +694,6 @@
- secret: afsdocs_secret
name: afs
- job:
name: publish-install-guide
description: |
Publish install-guide document to
pre-run: playbooks/sphinx/pre.yaml
run: playbooks/sphinx/run.yaml
post-run: playbooks/publish/install-guide.yaml
- zuul: zuul/zuul-jobs
- zuul: openstack/openstack-zuul-jobs
# This job runs only pre-pike, with pike the documents have been
# integrated into normal builds.
- stable/ocata
sphinx_build_dir: install-guide/build
sphinx_source_dir: install-guide/source
- secret: afsdocs_secret
name: afs
- job:
name: promote-deploy-guide
parent: opendev-promote-docs-base