Add notify_mpact to dev gerrit

The status quo is that the files are the same.  They probably
should not be, but we can change that in a later change.

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# This file is used by the notify_impact jeepyb plugin to control the bugs it
# create.
# Please keep these structures in alphabetical order.
# For automatically created DocImpact bugs, there are two structures here. The
# author_map maps email addresses of authors to "groups". These groups can be
# anything you want, although the most likely example is a dev team at a
# particular company. The second structure is "subscriber_map", which lists
# the people to subscribe to a bug owned by a particular group.
author_map: rcbau rcbau rcbau rcbau rcbau rcbau rcbau rcbau rcbau
rcbau: ['loquacity', 'mikalstill']