Add new project "whitebox-neutron-tempest-plugin" in the x/ namespace

This project will contain whitebox neutron related tempest tests useful
for the Tripleo based deployments, which don't fit well into official
neutron-tempest-plugin repository.

Change-Id: Ie0c7bc4558e4e73910664b6796d5ada7848bf5d2
Slawek Kaplonski 10 months ago
parent b863397eed
commit bf35822271

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abandon = group whitebox-neutron-tempest-plugin-core
label-Code-Review = -2..+2 group whitebox-neutron-tempest-plugin-core
label-Workflow = -1..+1 group whitebox-neutron-tempest-plugin-core
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createSignedTag = group whitebox-neutron-tempest-plugin-release
requireChangeId = true
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acl-config: /home/gerrit2/acls/x/vmware-nsx.config
- project: x/vmware-vspc
description: Virtual Serial Port Concentrator for VMware instances
- project: x/whitebox-neutron-tempest-plugin
description: Tempest plugin with whitebox Neutron related tests useful for
the Tripleo based deployments.
- project: x/wsme
description: Web Service Made Easy (WSME) simplify the writing of REST web services
by providing simple yet powerful typing which removes the need to directly manipulate

@ -1377,6 +1377,7 @@
- x/vmware-nsx-tempest-plugin
- x/vmware-nsxlib
- x/vmware-vspc
- x/whitebox-neutron-tempest-plugin
- x/wsme
- x/xenapi-os-testing
- x/xstatic-angular-cookies