Disable E106 & E208 for now

E106 rejects roles with '-' in their names, which is important
for collections, but these aren't collections.

Also ansible-lint throws an undocumented error "E208 File permissions not
mentioned" that looks too aggressive, for example it complains IMHO
wrongly about:

roles/add-build-sshkey/tasks/remote-linux.yaml:1: [E208] File
permissions not mentioned
roles/add-build-sshkey/tasks/remote-linux.yaml:14: [E208] File
permissions not mentioned
roles/add-build-sshkey/tasks/remote-linux.yaml:20: [E208] File
permissions not mentioned
roles/add-build-sshkey/tasks/remote-linux.yaml:27: [E208] File
permissions not mentioned

Disable it for now until ansible-lint is fixed - and the real problems
in zuul-jobs are fixed.

https://github.com/ansible/ansible-lint/pull/949 fixes the false
positives. Once that is merged and a new release is out, we should
revert and fix the real problems.

Inspired by I3e3978bbc9458ad79623d22969344fb46f5fee43
and I48f837e8d5bd7d0d9d708d728d93627deb4093cc

Change-Id: I0fdd4a79b886d1c4875e748b08f99da809d9d767
Co-Authored-By: Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.com>
Co-Authored-By: James E. Blair <jeblair@redhat.com>
Emilien Macchi 2020-08-19 09:16:39 -04:00
parent cad6162de1
commit d1d0f66734
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@ -6,7 +6,12 @@ exclude_paths:
parseable: true
quiet: false
- '106' # Role name does not match ``^[a-z][a-z0-9_]+$`` pattern
- '204' # [E204] Lines should be no longer than 120 chars
# TODO(AJaeger): E208 gives false positives currently, we
# should enable it once all issues in zuul-jobs and
# ansible-lint are fixed.
- '208' # File permissions not mentioned
- '301' # [E301] Commands should not change things if nothing needs doing
- '306' # [E306] Shells that use pipes should set the pipefail option
verbosity: 1