Move retired.config to external namespace

The retired.config is aimed for all tenants of OpenDev, there's no need
for it to live inside OpenStack.

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Mohammed Naser 2020-06-23 18:32:37 -04:00
parent 83aa828d93
commit f85cfe8d89
3 changed files with 782 additions and 782 deletions

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@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
- project: gtest-org/test2
- project: gtest-org/test3
- project: gtest-org/test-deb-alembic
acl-config: /home/gerrit2/acls/openstack/retired.config
acl-config: /home/gerrit2/acls/opendev/retired.config
- project: gtest-org/test-manage-project
acl-config: /home/gerrit2/acls/test-manage-project.config
- project: gtest-org/test.hyphen

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