copy-wheels: disable PEP503 indexing

Creating the index has turned out to be much more difficult than first
expected.  Checksumming the files on AFS to make the index.html takes
too long and times out the jobs.

We've identified other issues such as the jobs only ever appending
wheels, making far more data than probably necessary being kept, and
the possibility of skipping those wheels already available on PyPi.

Disable this while we reconsider the approach.

Change-Id: I86a922d59b396a059b255a4d87d8c033b79f7564
Ian Wienand 3 years ago
parent 34f963a924
commit fec3a46a01

@ -21,10 +21,11 @@ for f in $FILES; do
if [[ $f =~ $REGEX ]]; then
echo " <li><a href=\"./${BASH_REMATCH[2]}/\">${BASH_REMATCH[2]}</a></li>" >> $TMP_INDEX_FILE
# Run the indexer over this directory
# NOTE(ianw) : remove temporary "--output" when working
/usr/local/bin/ --debug --output "index.html.tmp" $f
# Create PEP503 style index for this directory
# NOTE(ianw) : 2020-01 - this is disabled because it makes the
# job very, very slow as it checksums all the files over AFS.
# We are currently investigating solutions to this problem.
# /usr/local/bin/ --debug --output "index.html" $f