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Zuul 03fac45522 Merge "Remove fedora-32 disk image config" 10 hours ago
Zuul 151d74991b Merge "infra-package-needs: install latest pip" 14 hours ago
James E. Blair d5c7d3fe85 Add ubuntu-bionic-32GB 16 hours ago
Ian Wienand 00d29d829b infra-package-needs: install latest pip 17 hours ago
Thiago Brito dc46313dde Adding gerritreview messages to starlingx channel 24 hours ago
Thierry Carrez a7673aa534 Add ttx as OP to #openinfra-events 2 days ago
Dr. Jens Harbott 6ca813f6c8
Fix project-config testing 2 days ago
fungi.admin 611a5e0f66 Merge "Move ansible-role-refstack-client from x/ to openinfra/" 5 days ago
fungi.admin 5910f59396 Merge "Move osf/ namespace repos to openinfra/ namespace" 5 days ago
fungi.admin f1ac1f50bd Merge "Rename inspur/*venus* project to openstack/*venus*" 5 days ago
Martin Kopec 0cc56640bd Move ansible-role-refstack-client from x/ to openinfra/ 11 months ago
Sagi Shnaidman 9998b4da6b Add creating branch ACL to ansible-collections-openstack repo 1 week ago
Zuul c61ad2d467 Merge "Update jeepyb to trigger Gerrit 3.3 image builds" 1 week ago
Zuul 8cd5252b8a Merge "Normalize projects.yaml" 2 weeks ago
Zuul f2b253cd71 Merge "Give RDO 3rd Party CI user permissions on Packstack" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 6acc3ac9b0 Merge "nodepool: drop https for ubuntu" 2 weeks ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 0fbe63f7f2 Normalize projects.yaml 2 weeks ago
Zuul 847249a6ad Merge "Disabling inmotion cloud scheduling for upgrades." 2 weeks ago
Yuriy Shyyan dd8c47b0cb Disabling inmotion cloud scheduling for upgrades. 2 weeks ago
Ian Wienand 05adea62b2 nodepool: drop https for ubuntu 2 weeks ago
Clark Boylan 1f74d151d5 Update jeepyb to trigger Gerrit 3.3 image builds 2 weeks ago
Clark Boylan e2c1317e11 Update gerrit image dep for jeepyb triggered builds 2 weeks ago
Kendall Nelson ce6e317a01 Add diablo_rojo as OP to #openinfra-events 2 weeks ago
Zuul e8e7e4620e Merge "Set launchpad bug Fix Released after adding comment" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 6fd96771b4 Merge "Add the cinder-netapp charm to Openstack charms" 2 weeks ago
Javier Pena ea69c726de Give RDO 3rd Party CI user permissions on Packstack 2 weeks ago
Zuul 71fe2caaa7 Merge "Add neutron-dynamic-routing-stable-maint group" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 49870c96db Merge "Adjusting tenancy limits for this cloud." 3 weeks ago
Yuriy Shyyan 6c1b24c587 Adjusting tenancy limits for this cloud. 3 weeks ago
Zuul c8a64e39dc Merge "Remove github3.py from our zuul config" 3 weeks ago
Jens Harbott d7dc71d1ec Fix neutron-dynamic-routing grafana dashboard 3 weeks ago
Zuul 1dbe044ea0 Merge "Retire puppet-freezer - Step 3: Remove Project" 4 weeks ago
Zuul f20c7e139c Merge "Retire puppet-freezer - Step 1: End project Gating" 4 weeks ago
Zuul afcde256b5 Merge "grafana: further path fixes" 4 weeks ago
Clark Boylan d8094d8906 Remove github3.py from our zuul config 4 weeks ago
Zuul 231853f054 Merge "Update grafana to reflect dvr-ha job is now voting" 4 weeks ago
Ian Wienand d4f91931e3 grafana: further path fixes 4 weeks ago
Zuul 90fdbdd3a4 Merge "grafana: fix openstack API stats for providers" 4 weeks ago
Zuul 53618d2d5f Merge "Improve CI performance and reduce infra load." 4 weeks ago
Ian Wienand b803305b41 grafana: fix openstack API stats for providers 4 weeks ago
Yuriy Shyyan 81410020bc Improve CI performance and reduce infra load. 4 weeks ago
Zuul 49ced1e8bc Merge "Update neutron-lib grafana dasboard" 4 weeks ago
Zuul fb03ea1f09 Merge "Scaling down InMotion nodepool resource." 4 weeks ago
Yuriy Shyyan 8a00690661 Scaling down InMotion nodepool resource. 4 weeks ago
Zuul ec1a47406d Merge "Scaling down proposed instance count." 1 month ago
Yuriy Shyyan c4b0d3fc1a Scaling down proposed instance count. 1 month ago
Zuul 09c6d6db9b Merge "Fix missing charm-interface-ironic-api" 1 month ago
Zuul f8ef670877 Merge "Scaling up Inmotion Cloud workloads." 1 month ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 6ce229202b Normalize projects.yaml 1 month ago
Yuriy Shyyan 16e9d3a95a Scaling up Inmotion Cloud workloads. 1 month ago