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  Andreas Jaeger 7a8ed31b71 Fix maintain-github-mirror 2 days ago
  Zuul 2c24d267cd Merge "maintain-github-mirror: fix repository names" 3 days ago
  Thierry Carrez 2f534a2d46 maintain-github-mirror: fix repository names 4 days ago
  Zuul ba9ab21cd2 Merge "Account for ironic bugfix branches" 4 days ago
  Zuul 9f8291b952 Merge "add vexxhost/openstack-tools" 5 days ago
  Zuul e110dc4917 Merge "Publish Airship governance" 5 days ago
  Dmitry Tantsur f033711038 Account for ironic bugfix branches 5 days ago
  Thierry Carrez 299017c496 maintain-github-mirror: fix dependency name 5 days ago
  Zuul 47ef888747 Merge "Add nested-virt-centos-8 label" 5 days ago
  Thierry Carrez 0197d9f92a Define maintain-github-openstack-mirror job 2 weeks ago
  Drew Walters 55639fb0b1 Publish Airship governance 6 days ago
  Zuul 943f705c0a Merge "Add "Review-Priority" label to qa projects" 1 week ago
  Zuul 77fba262c6 Merge "Add openstack/devstack-plugin-ceph in vexxhost tenant" 1 week ago
  Mohammed Naser 839e5201ae add vexxhost/openstack-tools 1 week ago
  donnydavis da3f580803 Air Handler is failed - turn OE off for now 1 week ago
  okozachenko 21c1f5b53d Add openstack/devstack-plugin-ceph in vexxhost tenant 1 week ago
  Ghanshyam Mann 88982d5549 Add "Review-Priority" label to qa projects 1 week ago
  okozachenko e0545f74e8 Add node-labeler to the vexxhost tenant 1 week ago
  Aurelien Lourot b1fae6833b Mirror arista and trilio charms to GitHub 1 week ago
  Zuul c1a377997d Merge "Create a new project for ansible-tripleo-ipa-server" 1 week ago
  Zuul 02d661be9a Merge "Upadting horizon nodejs job name" 1 week ago
  Zuul 527cb4c469 Merge "Create a new repository for Tobiko DevStack plugin" 1 week ago
  Zuul a87ff3403a Merge "Add Vault app to StarlingX" 1 week ago
  Sean McGinnis a048436971
Use python3 for update_constraints 1 week ago
  Lance Bragstad 046d669311 Create a new project for ansible-tripleo-ipa-server 1 week ago
  Slawek Kaplonski 3f70ef92ab Update Neutron Grafana dashboard 1 week ago
  Federico Ressi c7ca7592a9 Create a new repository for Tobiko DevStack plugin 2 weeks ago
  Cole Walker 3aaa0b4671 Add Vault app to StarlingX 2 weeks ago
  Zuul ac49fc6967 Merge "Finish retirement of networking-onos" 2 weeks ago
  Zuul d98d0996bb Merge "Finish retirement of openstack-ux,solum-infra-guestagent" 2 weeks ago
  Andreas Jaeger 90f3c25250 Finish retirement of networking-onos 2 weeks ago
  Andreas Jaeger 2b01a1e558 Finish retirement of openstack-ux,solum-infra-guestagent 2 weeks ago
  Zuul ec84007c08 Merge "Normalize projects.yaml" 2 weeks ago
  Shivanand Tendulker 87ba90f67b Removes py35, tox and cover jobs for proliantutils 2 weeks ago
  Carlos Goncalves 2cd18a7772 Add nested-virt-centos-8 label 2 weeks ago
  Zuul d42a4c4dbc Merge "Retire networking-onos, openstack-ux, solum-infra-guest-agent: Step 1" 2 weeks ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 78622867ba Normalize projects.yaml 2 weeks ago
  Zuul 9393b29f9d Merge "Add all python versions to bindep tox testing" 2 weeks ago
  Zuul 88121c3212 Merge "Add pep8 jobs to grafyaml" 2 weeks ago
  Zuul 16f0c07b89 Merge "Refresh openstack-ansible grafana dashboards" 2 weeks ago
  Zuul 7c4cfad25b Merge "Add Neutron Arista plugin charm to OpenStack charms" 2 weeks ago
  okozachenko 3de38708a7 Add openstack/tempest-horizon in required project 2 weeks ago
  Andreas Jaeger 3557e7969e Retire networking-onos, openstack-ux, solum-infra-guest-agent: Step 1 2 weeks ago
  Zuul f937bf0f71 Merge "Removing missed tripleo-ui references" 2 weeks ago
  Thierry Carrez ba3d101473 Removing missed tripleo-ui references 2 weeks ago
  Donny Davis 8b90bd45a9 Slowly Scale OE back up 2 weeks ago
  Ian Wienand 31ec71082a Add all python versions to bindep tox testing 1 month ago
  Andreas Jaeger 9f831ebddf Add pep8 jobs to grafyaml 2 weeks ago
  Zuul bdd09162fd Merge "grafyaml: drop python2 jobs" 2 weeks ago
  Zuul c6bb39d1a8 Merge "gerrit: change retired.config acls" 2 weeks ago