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  OpenStack Proposal Bot 0bcc1f4be5 Normalize projects.yaml 1 day ago
  Jeremy Freudberg af86880624 Minor/useful tweaks to Sahara repo descriptions 1 day ago
  Stephen Finucane 0425e262e4 Retire oslosphinx 3 weeks ago
  James E. Blair f4f2d560f5 Remove cgit aliases 5 days ago
  Andreas Jaeger d30040c817 Fix files for linting after OpenDev change 1 week ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 1e6705f722 Move fit-review from openstack to opendev 6 days ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins aca4bbb900 OpenDev Migration Patch 6 days ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot a5c9ca7761 Normalize projects.yaml 1 week ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 52d850da81 Normalize projects.yaml 1 week ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 015ce70973 Normalize projects.yaml 2 weeks ago
  Mohammed Naser b84b2d298e Add vexxhost/ansible-role-docker-distribution 2 weeks ago
  Matt McEuen 2be138d0b7 Add airship-governance project 2 weeks ago
  Manjeet Singh Bhatia 3f4fea5d2f Add a new project networking-omnipath 2 weeks ago
  Andreas Jaeger e7f77f283f Some python yaml fixes 2 weeks ago
  Andreas Jaeger 23fd6a03cd Remove upstream lines from gerrit/projects.yaml 2 weeks ago
  Monty Taylor 923a39bd7f Migrate inaugust git repos to opendev 3 weeks ago
  Mohammed Naser afc70aa42b Migrate vexxhost roles to OpenDev 2 weeks ago
  Artom Lifshitz f327fa206c Add whitebox-tempest-plugin project 3 weeks ago
  Liam Young 44dd90d8c6 New charms & interface for Masakari integration 3 weeks ago
  Sundar Nadathur 02d8e433f6 Enable Cyborg release team to push merge commits. 3 weeks ago
  Lingxian Kong ab2aab5cad Trove: use storyboard 4 weeks ago
  James E. Blair ca9c91398f Set opendev/base-jobs to use storyboard 4 weeks ago
  James E. Blair 170e1b04be Add OpenDev project-config repo 1 month ago
  Paul Belanger e938f1a76a Add Zuul project-config repo 1 month ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 04cd6cd384 Add tap-as-a-service-tempest-plugin repo 1 month ago
  Chandan Kumar 3f1c914235 Add ansible-role-collect-logs project to TripleO 1 month ago
  Paul Belanger 2eaf298dcd Add cgit-alias for zuul-preview 1 month ago
  ricolin a51e81b8a9 Add an openstack/auto-scaling-sig repository 2 months ago
  David Moreau Simard efc985f003
Retire ara-{server,clients,plugins} repos: they've been merged to ara 1 month ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot fa30ba9a65 Normalize projects.yaml 1 month ago
  Paul Belanger 461d28666e Add windmill-config project 1 month ago
  Helena McGough 6e61925600 Add rsd-virt-for-nova project 2 months ago
  Chris Dent eece05acd2 Set up placement project to use storyboard 1 month ago
  Frode Nordahl 313b4e27fe
Add ``ceph-rbd-mirror`` charm and dependencies 1 month ago
  Gorka Eguileor dcde693956 Remove cinderlib from storyboard 2 months ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 0e129a46f4 Normalize projects.yaml 2 months ago
  Gorka Eguileor 211bc537fe Add cinderlib project 2 months ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot ea21be1aa2 Normalize projects.yaml 2 months ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot de37bfd6f6 Normalize projects.yaml 2 months ago
  James E. Blair a6beadca0c Add zuul-preview project 2 months ago
  Helen Walsh 92763e25e8 Devstack for PowerMax/ VMAX 2 months ago
  Emilien Macchi dd9ddd93cb Remove openstack/instack 2 months ago
  Mohammed Naser fba6e91635 Add os_mistral role to OpenStack-Ansible 2 months ago
  Thierry Carrez 2215b2347e Fix release management ACLs for OpenStack-Helm 2 months ago
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 8abc26b8be Normalize projects.yaml 2 months ago
  Paul Belanger 9081968a78 Add openstack/windmill-backup 2 months ago
  Paul Belanger af7ad4680c Add openstack/ansible-role-borgmatic 2 months ago
  Paul Belanger 115a646275 Add openstack/ansible-role-borgbackup 3 months ago
  Douglas Mendizábal 34f8debd08 Add ansible roles for managing HSM software 3 months ago
  Thierry Carrez cfa2142fcc Add Kata tenant Zuul configuration repository 3 months ago