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Jeremy Stanley 464f4f586a
Indent Gerrit ACL options
Gerrit very much wants its ACLs to indent option lines (but not
section headings) by a single hard tab.

The recent migration to schema 185 with Gerrit 3.7 has updated
copyConditions flags and re-written most of the ACL files to look like
this (c.f. I1f11c07e3786bd1a68b43d908d939fde42ddb99c).

This updates the normalize tool to format like this, and modifies all
our ACL's to the new format.

This is intended to be a no-op with no functional change.  For future
upgrades, this will reduce the diffs of any updates Gerrit might make.

Change-Id: I3a0c0da1eb32f8afb31ffa0c24ea45aaca8da8cc
1 month ago
Dr. Jens Harbott c50e9fba0e Add cirros/cirros project
Since the Travis CI is no longer useable, we want to build new jobs for
CirrOS on the OpenDev platform. Since at a later stage some testing
involving a Devstack deployment may be helpful, this is placed into the
openstack tenant.

Change-Id: I188ad6803015b880f8f952052012fa1c3c8b52fc
1 year ago