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Jeremy Stanley 464f4f586a
Indent Gerrit ACL options
Gerrit very much wants its ACLs to indent option lines (but not
section headings) by a single hard tab.

The recent migration to schema 185 with Gerrit 3.7 has updated
copyConditions flags and re-written most of the ACL files to look like
this (c.f. I1f11c07e3786bd1a68b43d908d939fde42ddb99c).

This updates the normalize tool to format like this, and modifies all
our ACL's to the new format.

This is intended to be a no-op with no functional change.  For future
upgrades, this will reduce the diffs of any updates Gerrit might make.

Change-Id: I3a0c0da1eb32f8afb31ffa0c24ea45aaca8da8cc
1 month ago
Xicheng Chang 2a56c628f2 Moving compass-install from stackforge to openstack namespace
This patch renames the stackforge/compass-install project
to openstack/compass-install.

Change-Id: I5a06177b00b86e493f5291cea0326f90e826c8d9
8 years ago
Kevin Benton ce4ce4cd3f Move networking-bigswitch from stackforge to openstack
This patch renames the stackforge/networking-bigswitch project
to openstack/networking-bigswitch.

Change-Id: Ib557b7eabb7ba3d3bb47dad57d59dfe1e87532b0
8 years ago
Xicheng Chang 4bc38eff83 Unretire the stackforge/compass-install repo
We retired the stackforge/compass-install repo by mistake. Restore
it now until it can be batched into a future rename maintenance.

Change-Id: If9452ffc18f7dab3347d651f17850eb1b3a63d63
8 years ago
Jeremy Stanley 8aac5b023d Unretire the stackforge/networking-bigswitch repo
The maintainers for stackforge/networking-bigswitch misunderstood
the stackforge namespace retirement and move announcements and did
not realize their repository would be retired in the recent
maintenance. Restore it for now until it can be batched into a
future rename maintenance.

Change-Id: Id66cd51c5c526d8e1869bbaaedc5c0f9be886daf
8 years ago
Anita Kuno ba52c6c5b8 Stackforge projects are now read-only
Stackforge has been retired as a namespace. Any projects
remaining in the stackforge namespace are retired.

This patch makes them all read-only by deleted all acls in
gerrit/acls/stackforge and pointing all remaining projects at
the lone new acl file for stackforge retired.config, which is
set to read-only permissions.

Change-Id: I9336323f52006e7cf856e797a2013456c214fd73
8 years ago
Clint Adams 15312b86db Stackforge namespace retirement renaming
This patch renames many projects that were in the stackforge namespace
and moves them to the openstack namespace.

Input for this process was derived from community collaboration
resulting in this set of two lists:

Uses data/stackforge-renames in patchset 36 of
as input to the script in patchset 36 of

Change-Id: I5d41b8268b9472aef78dce810ac30ee959ae8d42
8 years ago
Jenkins 25bd7bb399 Merge "Enable merge commits for fuel-plugin-elasticsearch-kibana-core group" 8 years ago
Mateusz Matuszkowiak a4d852518f Set acls for stable/7.0 branch of fuel projects
* Add exclusive label-Workflow permissions to stable/7.0 branches

Change-Id: If67e15d4f5283efa47ba8038265f0c3c105cecd1
Partial-Bug: #1499509
8 years ago
Jenkins bbc36cc2e1 Merge "Update ACLs for ooi project" 8 years ago
Alexey Elagin 9b512b57b0 change verify group to fuel-plugins-ci
we have separate devops groups, one of them works for fuel, other works for fuel-plugins
now we want to have separate gerrit group to verify only plugins

Change-Id: Id1d4eb2802676dbd3a3629f4b35e852810881230
8 years ago
Alexey Elagin 87e9a0960d change verify group to fuel-plugins-ci
Change-Id: I64ca64d0b2eb12e139003d7a13e76ac1d2a1b1cc
8 years ago
adreznec b3bb41ea3d Rename & move neutron-powervm to networking-powervm
In accordance with the new Neutron Stadium effort, change to move
stackforge/neutron-powervm to networking-powervm under the openstack

Related Governance change: Id971c75e28c7b7ca3081555b195278a40627bcb5

Change-Id: I925011e1916bb5096c611c4c1f58e9d89a0f2717
8 years ago
Steven Dake d9f0d31ef5 Move Kolla to the openstack git namespace
The TC approved Kolla for the openstack namespace in change:

This patch executes the rename.

Change-Id: I47c7acda7b0b71b774d4fcc49bfd4674652b177e
8 years ago
cdiep 530556e8c4 Move refstack and refstack-client to the openstack git namespace.
RefStack is a test result collection and reporting service to
support the DefCore testing process.  TC had approved moving
refstack and refstack-client from stackforge to the openstack
namespace[1].  This patch updates the configuration files for
the rename.

Change-Id: I2f0d7ca047a398c808b7ff5e7988d94615ffb267
8 years ago
Christopher Aedo b903d62eb5 Rename stackforge/apps-catalog{,-ui}
In I6092d2b574b4247da6328c96ae4d7f2e6a9c1941
Community App Catalog moved into the OpenStack
namespace and was renamed to openstack/app-catalog.
It's dashboard repository will also be renamed
to openstack/app-catalog-ui

Change-Id: Icad6f97112f91c528f80b887a5caa9fd8f6e5355
8 years ago
Ian Cordasco 08cfe7ece0 Rename stackforge/os-ansible-deployment{,specs}
In Id3f6175fcdd4a21019eabca56cd337145ff9c2b0 os-ansible-deployment moved
into the openstack namespace and was renamed to
openstack/openstack-ansible. It's specs repository will also be renamed
to openstack/openstack-ansible-specs.

This also switches the publishing of documentation from readthedocs to and includes both doc and spec publishing.

Change-Id: I10588f1118f21793ef9a1a647184cf2e8de07260
8 years ago
Andrei V. Ostapenko 80ffb3b4c8 Move from stackforge/magnetodb to openstack/magnetodb
Move MagnetoDB subprojects to openstack namespace:

Commit to governance repo:

Depends-On: I46172d745ffc12df14cd3697c9ce4dcad0602a1f
Change-Id: I247cc1ea8e279649decef852458a12119aba3bb9
8 years ago
Devdatta Kulkarni 724c2d3b8c Rename stackforge/solum -> openstack/solum
The TC voted to let Solum join the big tent. So changing locations
of solum repositories from stackforge to openstack

Depends-On: Id74222381910f006a5a69f9e3746101bd4a32e12
Change-Id: I6508b0ec0ce2f58b991285987e6e5861c8b5ceb3
8 years ago
Alvaro Lopez Garcia 58997d1ffa Update ACLs for ooi project
- Let ooi-release team make releases.
- Let ooi-release team craete branches.

Change-Id: I0248acf3edb8fdb63a56b3cba407e3cb94cb65a0
8 years ago
Jenkins 3b6f839b2f Merge "Enable merge commits for fuel-plugin-lma-collector-core group" 8 years ago
Simon Pasquier ae724c5849 Enable merge commits for fuel-plugin-lma-collector-core group
The fuel-plugin-lma-collector project plans to use feature branches and
needs to be able to upload merge commits for review.

Change-Id: I348312c86604074874292e5f7e057117a1b50f05
8 years ago
Simon Pasquier dd581883a6 Enable merge commits for fuel-plugin-elasticsearch-kibana-core group
The fuel-plugin-elasticsearch-kibana project plans to use feature branches
and needs to be able to upload merge commits for review.

Change-Id: I6c3542f0d82e6534a32605fd7d6f87fbf2fe0123
8 years ago
Mateusz Matuszkowiak fd4de66bb2 Added new SF repository for Fuel SwiftStack plugin integration
Change-Id: I9fd3d8fdf0ff5c539773dab8b01fb3f52561ee9d
Closes-Bug: #1488307
8 years ago
Jenkins 30c39adeb4 Merge "Add senlin-dashboard to stackforge" 8 years ago
Jenkins 720d571d76 Merge "add permit to create branches" 8 years ago
Jenkins 761e67d11a Merge "Add create permission for puppet-n1k-vsm core group" 8 years ago
xinwu af5fab830f add permit to create branches
Change-Id: I5142d5c3df1515569a9f79136c2f94fb709d7156
8 years ago
Zhenguo Niu b975dd0892 Add senlin-dashboard to stackforge
The project is the UI component for Senlin

Change-Id: I13e20a7495cacad0d7d65a9b2f50c57136a1d38a
8 years ago
Jenkins 0f5d005321 Merge "Enable merge commits for fuel-plugin-influxdb-grafana-release group" 8 years ago
Jenkins 930f53dff4 Merge "Add acls for stable/* branch to fuel-mirror project" 8 years ago
Jenkins 9cb38b1078 Merge "Merge tacker ACL files" 8 years ago
Jenkins 990d146166 Merge "Fix up tacker stackforge projects" 8 years ago
Simon Pasquier c7134fbe88 Enable merge commits for fuel-plugin-influxdb-grafana-release group
The fuel-plugin-influxdb-grafana project is using feature branches and
needs to be able to upload merge commits for review.

Change-Id: Iea4964dd418c3cab487388a6e73a12eb3e6e1828
8 years ago
Bartłomiej Piotrowski 5a9b7d1b4f Add fuel-plugin-detach-rabbitmq project to stackforge
Change-Id: I25c86f28e3251376caad2622c97077bb74dcd7bb
8 years ago
Bartłomiej Piotrowski 42f0f90ab5 Add fuel-plugin-detach-keystone project to stackforge
Change-Id: Idb27a5465d5488067b10da572737cdccd1e1fd91
8 years ago
Bartłomiej Piotrowski 273c3881b5 Add fuel-plugin-detach-database project to stackforge
Change-Id: Ic13ff75f839b12407bdc58f195db57b837bd816a
8 years ago
Steven Hillman a6235f9257 Add create permission for puppet-n1k-vsm core group
Need to add the create permission for puppet-n1k-vsm cores so
that branches can be created for this project.

Change-Id: I987c4ab8ae7336a008561d5fb673bf6ff2296a33
8 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 0f81e164e3 Merge tacker ACL files
python-tackerclient.config and tacker.config are exact duplicates,
remove one and reference the other one.

Change-Id: I0d495d694a1d101b6a595d034e13efe534d77769
8 years ago
Sridhar Ramaswamy 7e532c3915 Fix up tacker stackforge projects
Add Tacker's new description and wiki link.
Enable branch create privilege for head and
introduce stable branch permissions

Change-Id: I09f9b2e121b7c04be1927e580bd1e5bb2d9ff70f
8 years ago
Sergey Kulanov 151cbe18ec Add acls for stable/* branch to fuel-mirror project
Since we are going to upload stable/6.1 branch to the project
we need to provide exclusive permissions for fuel-stable-core group

Change-Id: Idecd326dffdfc381b39929de48703958a530ce5f
Related-bug: #1478118
8 years ago
Jenkins baa81d8fe0 Merge "Added new SF repository for Fuel Ironic plugin integration" 8 years ago
Jenkins 2b7eddb50f Merge "Added new SF repository for Fuel Trove plugin integration" 8 years ago
Jenkins b503ec3709 Merge "Added branch creation rule" 8 years ago
Jenkins 8ee0cdc399 Merge "Added new SF repository for Fuel NSXV plugin integration" 8 years ago
Alexandre Levine adaf636eba Added branch creation rule
Change-Id: Iae83ea13adc5e44e81f633392a6ef23b3cacb27c
8 years ago
Witold Bedyk 7a2737a2be add gerrit groups for monasca-log
Fujitsu works on Log Management solution for Monasca. Since our team
concentrates on that topic and also plans to contribute further monasca-log-*
projects, I think it is a good idea to create seperate gerrit groups and
include them in monasca-core and monasca-release respectively.

Change-Id: Iba49515e530ee3721f2b6dae1a9cdc872445925f
8 years ago
Mateusz Matuszkowiak bd931ada4e Added new SF repository for Fuel Ironic plugin integration
Change-Id: Ie69f1f640471c8afa835f4a507764447aa50236e
Closes-Bug: #1481284
8 years ago
Mateusz Matuszkowiak 88535612de Added new SF repository for Fuel NSXV plugin integration
Change-Id: I1546a65966d86306ac975d1f8413c4d8a6254dab
Closes-Bug: #1481353
8 years ago
Mateusz Matuszkowiak c8e542cd72 Added new SF repository for Fuel Trove plugin integration
Change-Id: Idf125cc5098d4c826e89b0884c77efd97240901e
Closes-Bug: #1482200
8 years ago