30 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andreas Jaeger c1c135087d Update grafana for OpenDev 1 month ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi d8d3717c04 networking-midonet: Update the dashboard for recent changes 7 months ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 7aa531d1a1 grafana: Update networking-midonet 1 year ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 8f5bb47ab1 networking-midonet: Add an experimental multinode job 1 year ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi dcadcedc08 networking-midonet: Remove v2 jobs from grafana dashboard 1 year ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi c7252b421d networking-midonet: Add runtime graphs to grafana dashboard 1 year ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 011d413a7d networking-midonet: Add grenade jobs to grafana dashboard 1 year ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi a785916896 networking-midonet: Add periodic ml2 job for newton 1 year ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 515285e4f4 networking-midonet: Make rally jobs voting 1 year ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 596b77bc6e networking-midonet: Update grafana for centos-7 jobs 1 year ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 93c5ac6cd7 networking-midonet: Remove mitaka jobs 1 year ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi f8a13169ab grafana: Remove python34 stuff 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi d042bc18d5 networking-midonet: Add periodic tempest jobs for ocata 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 87a49d51c0 grafana: Update networking-midonet dashboard 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 18c28cabf1 networking-*: Use normal python jobs 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi a618d1eb36 grafana: Fix URLs in descriptions 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi b170ae789b networking-midonet: Add periodic tempest job for newton 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 0c699f70d2 Revert "networking-midonet: Remove newton bitrot jobs" 2 years ago
  Clark Boylan b0e9c09117 Liberty spring cleaning 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi b91135ccd3 networking-midonet: Add "full" variants for ml2 and v2 jobs 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi bc941d79dc networking-midonet: Remove newton bitrot jobs 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi efa4be356c networking-midonet: Make ml2 job voting for newton and master 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi b53c800e74 Add neutron-lib-master periodic job for networking-midonet 2 years ago
  Akihiro Motoki 5616f916ae Show more graphs in a single row 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 8c9a5aa6b2 grafana: Add periodic-networking-midonet-python27-newton 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 6b5586044d networking-midonet: switch to python-db-jobs 2 years ago
  Armando Migliaccio a3cec9b588 Rename midonet grafana to match project name 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi ef0f0e5d38 grafana: Fix a typo (missing hyphen) in midonet UT metrics 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi f7c7f17928 grafana: Add the rest of midonet stable jobs 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 6c296fdfd7 grafana: Correct pipeline of midonet periodic jobs 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi f700ae31c5 grafana: Update midonet unit test jobs after xenial renames 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi c8cbdb9154 networking-midonet: Update grafana dashboard for stable periodic jobs 2 years ago
  YAMAMOTO Takashi 70f12bd76f Add networking-midonet grafana dashboard 3 years ago