28 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Monty Taylor 355f7090a6 Remove zuul v2 and jjb content 1 year ago
  Thomas Herve 810a159635 Filter out services in designate jobs 1 year ago
  Thomas Herve bed5fbbebf Fix typo in designate job definition 1 year ago
  Thomas Herve e9adc32fac Add a py3 designate job 1 year ago
  Hieu LE 96b12c8e36 Enable horizon for designate grenade gate 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger ef8df66be8 Convert some jobs to use local_conf 2 years ago
  Clark Boylan b0e9c09117 Liberty spring cleaning 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 4a61bc67f5 Change job-suffix to suffix 2 years ago
  Clark Boylan ee35518b64 Convert Designate jobs to Xenial 2 years ago
  Graham Hayes 681268db86 Add new worker-model job, and remove 2 legacy dvsm jobs 2 years ago
  Graham Hayes 47d39d456c Do not run all tempest tests on designate grenade job 2 years ago
  Thomas Bechtold 40b98f9c5d designate: Add a non-voting job with postgres as DB backend 2 years ago
  Graham Hayes 584ea0f4f4 Fix designate-identity-v3-only tempest job 2 years ago
  Graham Hayes 648d182cab Add keystone v3 only nv job to designate 2 years ago
  Graham Hayes dd90068578 Add experimental grenade job for designate 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 37870449b2 Jenkins/jobs: Kilo cleanup 2 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes c8130da96f Add experimental job for Designate's knot2 agent backend 3 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes 5118c6fed7 Add tempest variations of Designate DSVM jobs 3 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes a38372db3b Add designate-tempest-plugin to Designate DSVM jobs 3 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger ca3bc6c788 Remove DEVSTACK_GATE_TIMEOUT [part 2] 3 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger bfedf51151 Remove juno handling from Jenkins 3 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes fb8a3a9686 Switch Designate DSVM jobs to use a DevStack Plugin 3 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes f563954c05 Add openstack/designate-dashboard to designate DSVM gates 3 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes 9efdd223c6 Add a PgSQL Designate DSVM Job 4 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes 7adeeb3c8f Enable Tempest in Designate dsvm jobs 4 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes beabaf96d5 Add Designate BIND9 DSVM Job 4 years ago
  Anita Kuno 1d21cd635f Reorganizes project-config 4 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes 14b3f8f121 Add a gate_hook to gate-designate-devstack-dsvm 4 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes 6e99c8c283 Allow env variable customizations in the Designate DevStack gate 4 years ago
  Khai Do 208b97bd7b Switch jobs to use the build-timeout macro 5 years ago
  Graham Hayes f81981fda5 Move Designate from stackforge to openstack 4 years ago
  Clark Boylan dc2189faf0 Revert "Revert "Update jenkins jobs to optionally allow trusty"" 4 years ago
  Clark Boylan aa55f5bf54 Revert "Update jenkins jobs to optionally allow trusty" 4 years ago
  Clark Boylan f8094fd62a Update jenkins jobs to optionally allow trusty 4 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes 57bdd1060c Move designate pre/post dsvm hooks to the designate repo 5 years ago
  Kiall Mac Innes eb0223fa78 Add Designate DevStack/Requirements/Docs Jobs 5 years ago
  Sergey Lukjanov a3f82c5375 Rename climate to blazar 5 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley e75d19f80b Add a net-info job builder macro 5 years ago
  Joe Gordon 494c07ec99 run link-logs builder first 5 years ago
  Pablo Andres Fuente 234f557889 Added climate-a/climate-m to ENABLED_SERVICES 5 years ago
  Pablo Andres Fuente 4beb94bca4 Add the climate-nova project 5 years ago
  James E. Blair 71c11f68d9 Supply a timeout value to devstack-gate 5 years ago
  Sergey Lukjanov 12dff65cc8 Add gate-climate-devstack-dsvm 5 years ago
  Russell Bryant ca7f6df1e3 Ensure solum code is checked out 5 years ago
  Russell Bryant 8e164f1537 Don't assume substitation for a non-template job 5 years ago
  Russell Bryant 5d59f90327 Remove braces from bash vars in solum job config 5 years ago
  Russell Bryant 67cc1ce399 Add gate-solum-devstack job 5 years ago