2479 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andreas Jaeger 18ec3df45c Add system-required back for repos 2 days ago
  Andreas Jaeger 68961be103 Fix starlingx queue 2 days ago
  Andreas Jaeger d30040c817 Fix files for linting after OpenDev change 2 days ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 1e6705f722 Move fit-review from openstack to opendev 1 day ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins aca4bbb900 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 day ago
  Guilherme Steinmüller 6e869c3064 Retire openstack-ansible unused roles 2 days ago
  Clark Boylan 7200e2ae73 Remove zuul_reconfigure CD job 1 week ago
  Monty Taylor 5283dd1394 Remove project config for api-sig repo 1 week ago
  Guilherme Steinmüller 07df9088c8 Retire openstack-ansible unused roles 2 weeks ago
  Stephen Finucane c97870167c Initiate retirement of oslosphinx 2 weeks ago
  Ivan Kolodyazhny be7428a711 Stop project gating before retirement 3 months ago
  Yumeng Bao ddc2a6f70b Add api-ref-jobs for Cyborg 2 weeks ago
  James E. Blair 0dfb131ab3 Complete zuul-sphinx removal from openstack tenant 3 weeks ago
  Trinh Nguyen 13358326ba Add openstack/freezer-tempest-plugin build job 3 weeks ago
  Ian Wells 617756651f Remove legacy-networking-vpp-smoke 3 weeks ago
  David Moreau Simard 09f9cff960
Add job to test upload-git-mirror on zuul-jobs 3 weeks ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 330c7e9a53 Migrate ironic-staging-drivers jobs in-tree 3 weeks ago
  Adam Coldrick 79fd65c4e6 Set variables for storyboard-webclient release job 1 month ago
  Adam Coldrick 43c6417879 Remove unneeded storyboard-webclient post job 1 month ago
  Gorka Eguileor 024feaad41 Add cinderlib publish-to-pypi job 1 month ago
  Andreas Jaeger db20079a5d Use xenial for translation jobs 1 month ago
  Jeremy Stanley 434ebab31b Sphinx publishing adjustments for ubuntu-bionic 1 month ago
  Monty Taylor f400a5e7ad Run node jobs using version 4 on xenial nodes 1 month ago
  Clark Boylan 4c974a6a22 Revert "Disable wheel mirror updates" 1 month ago
  Clark Boylan 8d629a796f Disable wheel mirror updates 1 month ago
  Dmitry Tantsur b658b9fe14 Move wsme jobs in-tree 1 month ago
  Clark Boylan 4024627c92 Revert "Disable wheel mirror updates for afs server upgrades" 1 month ago
  Clark Boylan 0dc1c19631 Disable wheel mirror updates for afs server upgrades 1 month ago
  Helena McGough af3dc026d7 Adding zuul jobs for rsd-virt-for-nova repo 1 month ago
  David Moreau Simard 27eeee1471
Remove openstack-cover-jobs/docs-on-readthedocs templates for ara 1 month ago
  David Moreau Simard efc985f003
Retire ara-{server,clients,plugins} repos: they've been merged to ara 1 month ago
  David Moreau Simard 270c9136ac
Add noop-jobs to ara-{server,clients,plugins} 1 month ago
  Emilien Macchi 885366f4f4 Use publish-to-pypi for instack-undercloud 1 month ago
  James E. Blair 2802deeab8 Remove buildset registry job 1 month ago
  James E. Blair b1dca9f9da Remove tox-py35-on-zuul from zuul-jobs 1 month ago
  Jeremy Stanley e5ee4abc6f Update Puppetforge secret 2 months ago
  James E. Blair ee86e3616d Add a job to use the intermediate registry 2 months ago
  Jakub Libosvar 5229dc7707 Remove rtd_web_hook from networking-ansible 2 months ago
  Jakub Libosvar a3421087af Move networking-ansible jobs to its project 2 months ago
  Tobias Urdin 1de4c20e00 Rework to use new upload-forge module 2 months ago
  Monty Taylor fd393b3caa Remove unused pbrx container publish job 2 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger 2906ebe927 Remove opendev/base-jobs jobs 2 months ago
  Clark Boylan 947c2fd409 Cleanup ozj confingure-unbound usage 2 months ago
  Clark Boylan a630e261c2 Add noop jobs to opendev/base-jobs 2 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger e3e36f3093 Fix releasenotes publishing after opendev/base-jobs change 2 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger a588dede17 Fix translation jobs due to opendev/base-job change 2 months ago
  James E. Blair ffeabcecbf Add openstack-zuul-jobs to base-publish-tox-docs-static 2 months ago
  Emilien Macchi dd9ddd93cb Remove openstack/instack 2 months ago
  James E. Blair 90f28117d3 Remove some base jobs 2 months ago
  Sean McGinnis a182892929
Remove legacy-tempest-dsvm-full-drbd-devstack 2 months ago