1831 Commits (049692fb63f80b58741d2727ebb1f81e955857a5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Sam Doran 9f306e0877 Add OpenStack operations Ansible role 4 years ago
Jill Rouleau dddf8aef40 Adding Ansible roles for TripleO 4 years ago
Jeremy Stanley 6fa2925a6b Remove release-tools configuration 4 years ago
Zane Bitter 784ab2c409 Add gerritbot to #openstack-service-broker IRC channel 4 years ago
Xinran WANG b86f1d49c7 Add os-acc to openstack repo 4 years ago
Jens Harbott 53c5ed458c Add devstack-plugin-ceph to #openstack-qa channel 4 years ago
Sean McGinnis e976c9d239 Readd openstack/operations-guide repo 4 years ago
Tomi Juvonen 9d19521e9b New Fenix project 4 years ago
Witold Bedyk 5fe21c6f8a Update list of Monasca repos for GerritBot 4 years ago
Sam Yaple f3abfed92a
Decom loci-* repos 4 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 458eb83683 Retire kolla-kubernetes project - step 4 remove from infra system 4 years ago
Ian Wienand 95c2d65bbe Add afsmon project 4 years ago
Samuel Cassiba 0ed8b53b47 Import openstackclient to Chef OpenStack 4 years ago
Felipe Monteiro d206a93eea Set up gerritbot for airship projects 4 years ago
Paul Belanger 9ae31f9b4a
Create ansible-role-openstacksdk role 4 years ago
Steve Baker f0d63b82f8 Import ansible-role-tripleo-modify-image 4 years ago
Ryan Beisner ff620d4ef7 Add new Glance Simplestreams Sync charm 4 years ago
Eric Brown ecfba80fb0 Remove Bandit from Infrastructure Systems 4 years ago
David J Peacock 2e9a356913 Adding ansible-role-tripleo-keystone 4 years ago
Alex Schultz 6e0d6332c5 Remove tripleo-incubator from infra systems 4 years ago
Doug Hellmann 9593b0fa36 create constellations repository 4 years ago
John Dickinson 12fefe1a50 change irc bot branch reporting: remove s3api and add deep-review 4 years ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi 2f5e092be5 Gerritbot: Add stable branch notifications to manila 4 years ago
David Ames 4220e81ca4 Add Neutron Dynamic Routing charm and BGP interface 4 years ago
Samuel Cassiba e53156f52e Import cookbook-openstack-dns to Chef OpenStack 4 years ago
Emilien Macchi b1080f497b Import ansible-role-container-registry 4 years ago
James E. Blair 634c455627 Add zuul-website-media project (1/2) 4 years ago
John L. Villalovos e0c2825fda gerritbot: Announce stable branch changes of openstack/requirements 4 years ago
Raoul Scarazzini 2bb3703a85 Create tripleo-ha-utils project (gerrit) 4 years ago
Jesse Pretorius c85f77a43e Create ansible-role-whisper repository 4 years ago
Jesse Pretorius 4b2cf1c5a6 Create ansible-role-carbon repository 4 years ago
Chris Dent bf3b9f7550 Add entries for #openstack-placement IRC channel 4 years ago
ZhongShengping adebe4b805 Add new puppet-senlin repository(1/2) 4 years ago
Sorin Sbarnea e195c31b74
python-jenkins project updates 4 years ago
Keiichi Hikita b0ebd988a3 Add slogging projects 4 years ago
Jesse Pretorius 2a8ea673a4 Create ansible-role-grafyaml repository 4 years ago
ZhongShengping 303f33fe8c Retire puppet-ganesha(2/2) 4 years ago
David Moreau Simard 3650b54dbf
Create the ara-plugins project 4 years ago
David Moreau Simard 9827ec0f99
Create the ara-clients project 4 years ago
David Moreau Simard 63993e2e3a
Create the ara-server project 4 years ago
Darragh Bailey b7a7f6e624 Add fixtures-git project 4 years ago
Shaohe Feng c4a3c56293 add python-cyborgclient to openstack repo 4 years ago
Borne Mace 32f37ec30e kolla-cli 4 years ago
Emma Foley 57781963bd Rename collectd-ceilometer-plugin and python-openstacksdk 4 years ago
Jesse Pretorius c7771d6090 Import python_venv_build ansible role 4 years ago
Paul Belanger a7ef241166
Add ansible-role-statsd project 4 years ago
Yumeng Bao 9758ee4f0e Set up cyborg-specs repository 4 years ago
Jean-Philippe Evrard 91742e1857 Import systemd_mount and systemd_service to OSA 4 years ago
Christian Berendt c8bd5951a9 gerritbot: send kolla/kolla-ansible stable notifications to #osism channel 4 years ago
kaz_shinohara c1e9c4ca19 Add xstatic-** projecsts for heat-dashboard 4 years ago