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5 Commits (25dacf963d147dbfccb5c5f03da4fb489242d56a)

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Riccardo Pittau 8d4315ec47 Do not update upper constraints for intermediate branches 2 years ago
Jean-Philippe Evrard 6938731988
Add tooling to update python jobs on branch creation 3 years ago
Doug Hellmann d919755370 update the branching script to include a semver bump 4 years ago
Doug Hellmann 65d3be0cdb be more resilient in for retired repositories 4 years ago
Andreas Jaeger fbc1f58c30 Move release-tools out of jenkins/scripts 5 years ago
Sean McGinnis 2b58a35c7a Exclude upper constraint updates for driverfixes branches 5 years ago
Doug Hellmann 2f1ea5cd88 add branch automation to the tag-releases job 6 years ago
Doug Hellmann 5eaaf0ccca fix logic for adding new release notes pages 6 years ago
Doug Hellmann 6df0df72ba do not error if a branch already exists 6 years ago
Doug Hellmann 93cc7a52e3 import the dependencies needed for creating stable branches 6 years ago