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Clark Boylan 7b0629e2cb Remove iweb nodepool configs
This removes iweb configs from the project-config repo. We'll still have
a few system-config items to clean up in a separate change.

Change-Id: I7bd2f0f6fcd7449e724815ed0c0fe743702ae8f3
6 months ago
Clark Boylan bf34c3ea5a Set iweb to empty labels and diskimages
This should allow nodepool to clean up what it can as part of the
removal of this provider.

Change-Id: Ia084f7f6b4a8988010b71e6242f580ec70f788c8
6 months ago
Michal Nasiadka d61182e6c5 Add rockylinux-9-arm64
Change-Id: I522bf00c737dd96cac337c37068545d168ecce32
8 months ago
Neil Hanlon ba93b3570a
Add epel element to Rocky Linux 9 configuration
The element was missing from the configuration due to an oversight, this
change brings it in line with C9S as well as Rocky 8 to have EPEL

Change-Id: I080f8118ccf411e363e0f7c2433dfaa9e911dd15
9 months ago
Ian Wienand 36b9c302e5 nodepool: Add Fedora 36
Add Fedora 36 builds

Change-Id: I64fac34945ea5c6ec91ddd442281fcaba2c53271
9 months ago
Neil Hanlon 705e8420a2
Add rockylinux 9 to nodepool
Change-Id: Iedf1c8eb2898cfc5771a5a695a53a39f9396edc9
10 months ago
Dr. Jens Harbott 277f30bdc6 Fix mismatch for openEuler image name
One instance was missing the -LTS suffix.

Signed-off-by: Dr. Jens Harbott <>
Change-Id: I4ae1d93a13c47bdc5732854ab441a88e2f4e3473
10 months ago
wangxiyuan 30fca1376d Bump openEuler to 22.03 LTS
openEuler 20.03-LTS-SP2 was out of date in May 2022. 22.03 LTS
is the newest LTS version. It was release in March 2022 and
will be maintained for 2 years. This patch upgrades the LTS
version. It'll be used in Devstack, Kolla-ansible and so on
in CI jobs.

Change-Id: I23f2b397bc7f1d8c2a959e0e90f5058cf3bf104d
10 months ago
James E. Blair c1b692b0a0 Synchronize diskimages on builders
Recent changes in how nodepool deletes images mean that we need
a list of all diskimages on every builder (otherwise there is a
small window where a new image build might be deleted by a different
builder).  To correct this, list all diskimages on all builders
(but they still won't build images they shouldn't because they have
different provider configurations).

Change-Id: I89cff1aa9d3b60ee24176cbfea9d1a81e2c976cd
10 months ago
Dr. Jens Harbott ce68aa4e64 Don't use https in Ubuntu bionic and focal builds
This is a partial revert of [0]. For the bootstrap we only use the
release pocket, not updates or security, so the version of
ca-certificates we install initially is too old to verify current
LetsEncrypt protected hosts.

[0] I455568f1e261060aefe555e9f5b4ef0830b60157

Change-Id: I673bc0ec687df6db59911f17dae1d50cbc7e3dd6
1 year ago
Ian Wienand 9673eb9a76 nodepool: set spec_store_bypass_disable=prctl for Jammy images
We have noticed Jammy jobs failing with DISK_FULL returns from Zuul.
Upon further investigation, they have hundreds of megabytes of syslog
filled with traces.  As noted inline we've debugged this down to SSBD
interactions with some cloud providers.

Set this to the later-kernel upstream default of "prctl" to avoid this

Change-Id: I09a495a9b50c55b65221be56337f52388a5d9d48
1 year ago
Clark Boylan 322b261b20 Use https with apt in our ubuntu image builds
Debian is already doing this and according to ubuntu package search
apt-transport-https is a transitional package at least as far back as
bionic. We leave xenial with http as it isn't clear if apt there
supports https.

Change-Id: I455568f1e261060aefe555e9f5b4ef0830b60157
1 year ago
Dr. Jens Harbott f5b01d71b7 Start bulding ubuntu-jammy images
Jammy was released yesterday, we can start building images for it.

Change-Id: I5fd16df8bf0e3b74711875ad0573be69db12791b
1 year ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz c9474f7799 Add EPEL into CentOS Stream 9 images
disabled by default

Change-Id: I332d239e8ce971fe420391925d7ba12af463bfaa
1 year ago
Clark Boylan 3dc09d41d1 Remove airship-citycloud nodepool provider
Once we've settled on a max-servers value of 0 without any servers this
is the nextstep in removing the provider. This should completely remove
the provider from the launcher and the image builders.

We keep the airship-citycloud nodepool provider for historical
information purposes. We can clean this up later.

Change-Id: Icfb8fc6d2b15714ecb58960d8e44b199bedd6b0d
1 year ago
Clark Boylan 1c73cd826c Set airship-citycloud max-servers to 0
We've been notified that these resources won't be provided any longer.
This is the first step of setting max-servers to 0 and removing images
from the cloud. Once that is in we can remove the cloud more completely.

Change-Id: Iabcd6487a5bb3ed7fb6aae5dadf23a8171abcb7f
1 year ago
Neil Hanlon 2ccc5241c8
Add rockylinux-8 to nodepool configuration
Signed-off-by: Neil Hanlon <>
Change-Id: Ic3344bc47ca56c27f7ec3427a0865bd6ce3349d3
1 year ago
Ian Wienand dd58c496f8 Remove Fedora 34
The dependent changes should be the last references to Fedora 34 nodes


Change-Id: Ie14ea374808e5518588925de3a476f0bc6ff2ccf
1 year ago
Clark Boylan dce378a6b4 Remove centos-8
This distro release reached its EOL December 31, 2021. We are removing
it from our CI system as people should really stop testing on it. They
can use CentOS 8 Stream or other alternatives instead.

Change-Id: I13e8185b7839371a9f9043b715dc39c6baf907d5
1 year ago
Ian Wienand 39e51526e4 Stop building CentOS 8
In line with CentOS deprecation, has
stopped returning mirror sources.  As the dib builds have this in the
initial image clones, they won't build any more.  Pause this to stop a
spiral of failing builds.

Since we setup local mirrors, things might keep working in our
ecosystem for a bit, so far the upstream mirrors haven't pulled the 8/
directory directly it seems.

Change-Id: I99ca38f346b3a5d19d7565c1f6114a51b7fe2da3
1 year ago
Clark Boylan 07e9803134 Remove opensuse-tumbleweed from nodepool
This removes the label, nodes, and images for opensuse-tumbleweed across
our cloud providers. We also update grafana to stop graphing stats for
the label.

Change-Id: Ic311af5d667c01c1845251270fd2fdda7d99ebcb
1 year ago
wangxiyuan 4a058ac8bf Add cache-devstack element for openEuler
The openEuler node can be setup successful now. While the
error `/opt/cache/files, No such file or directory ` will
raise when running devstack jobs on it.

This patch add the cache-devstack element for openEuler diskimage
to ensure devstack jobs work well.

Change-Id: Ie26f19bd845c348d8871ac18a6a4cea9a84ed9f8
1 year ago
Jeremy Stanley bd04590212 nodepool: Remove yet still more . from openEuler
Change I20e1a926d02a632450b8114d84a0fa738b7ec639 updated this for
the arm64 images, but we have amd64 images as well which will need
the same treatment.

Change-Id: I187b6f283d8c861c5f5a32c4c9b46f80bda19f94
1 year ago
Zuul 482d27e16a Merge "Add openEuler 20.03 LTS SP2 node" 1 year ago
Zuul 20da605994 Merge "Un-pause gentoo-17-0-systemd images" 1 year ago
Ian Wienand 89058761c8 Revert "iweb: disable image uploads"
This reverts commit 1580f43853.

The upstream certificate issues are fixed

Change-Id: I6184467da6261c9258fdf745c5111acee87481be
1 year ago
Jeremy Stanley 669dcaf0b5 Un-pause gentoo-17-0-systemd images
DIB's tests suggest these images should build successfully again, so
let's see if we can get them to build and launch reachable nodes in
our providers.

Apparently Gentoo carries Python 3.9 now, so set that as well.

Change-Id: Id645cd6f15df6446ff81716c607ab4c8b17b7b22
1 year ago
Clark Boylan db1810f925 Unpause fedora-34 and opensuse-15 image builds
Fedora-34 was paused until bug fixes could land in DIB and our nodepool
builder images could be updated. This happened about 2 weeks ago from
what I can tell so unpause and let those images build again.

Opensuse-15 was paused becuase the images failed to build. Unfortunately
that was almost a year ago and we don't have logs for why this was
broken. Unpause to generate new logs allowing us to debug them.

Change-Id: I7d1957304d90b9902f36eab8f45871e081373282
1 year ago
Ian Wienand 1580f43853 iweb: disable image uploads
We are having issues talking to
as it appears to be missing an intermediate certificate.

This has been reported to the provider (Ticket #4526047)

In the mean time, disable uploads, which are in a failure loop.

Change-Id: If224a44eb3a0727cdb34c7f016c6407bac610549
1 year ago
wangxiyuan d55da5dac0 Add openEuler 20.03 LTS SP2 node
openEuler diskimage element has been added[1]. This Patch plans
to build it in nodepool in order to support openEuler nodes in
OpenStack CI system.

This kind of nodes will be used as devstack CI job at least[2].


Change-Id: I05312e296eed2854c5fc45c94038d570028d08f9
2 years ago
Zuul 4a33b66493 Merge "Add Fedora 35" 2 years ago
Ian Wienand b48f6b8f70 Remove debian-stretch nodes and builds
Change-Id: I62783d6180eddfff3c0e8014011e6bb90c819ed4
2 years ago
Ian Wienand 85975b9220 Pause Fedora 34 builds
Production Fedora builds are currently broken until [1].  Pause them
to avoid a constantly failing loop.


Change-Id: Ic75dd3b93291e364fef8ff08b715fcb955fa5406
2 years ago
Ian Wienand f8d93ea149 Add Fedora 35
DIB with support is deployed to builder nodes

Change-Id: I6828383643aee1d6dadc71dfd6c25ba91a1bf561
2 years ago
Alfredo Moralejo 5100cf7063 Add centos-9-stream nodepool image
CentOS Stream 9 repos are ready and support for it is included in
diskimage-builder [1]. This patch is adding centos-9-stream diskimages
and images to nodepool configuration in opendev.


Change-Id: I9b88baf422d947d5209d036766a86b09dca0c21a
2 years ago
Zuul 03fac45522 Merge "Remove fedora-32 disk image config" 2 years ago
Ian Wienand 05adea62b2 nodepool: drop https for ubuntu
LE recently expired it's root certificate.  Unfortunately, the base
Ubuntu distros (up to focal) use a 2019 ca-certificates package that
hasn't accounted for this.  Even more unfortunately, deboostrap can't
use the updates repo to get a more recent certificate package when
building the initial chroot.

The end result is that the chroot can't contact the mirrors via https
to actually pull the updated certificates package from them, breaking
the build.

To work around this use http:// for the mirror location.

Change-Id: Ifdb177d2ed75eab9e2acb984a9be785fba517d3e
2 years ago
Clark Boylan 6207945a6b Remove the inap provider from nodepool
Note this should only be run after the previous change has been in place
long enough for nodepool to clean up after itself.

Change-Id: I32e11c47020dacb663f72576da858133cad98d82
2 years ago
Clark Boylan 27ed935395 Set empty nodepool resource lists on inap
This is the next step in cleaning up the inap provider. We set empty
resources lists in nodepool config for the inap provider so that
nodepool will automatically clean up after itself.

Change-Id: I4ff2bd2e1705cdedd2832254b0589b7bb367629b
2 years ago
Mathieu Gagné 662e981330 INAP mtl01 region is now owned by iWeb
Disable current Inap mtl01 region and introduce new iWeb mtl01 region.

Depends-On: I1256a2e24df1c79dea06716ae4dfbcfe119c13f8
Change-Id: Iffd253156133e3c9eba6c1942b4b2a551a4344b7
2 years ago
Clark Boylan 581f8876e6 Revert "Disable airship citylcoud nodepool provider"
This reverts commit fab58f375a.

It is reported that city network has fixed the glance issues and we can
reenable this cloud region.

Change-Id: Id118ac0845063fa0ddf8338f14099393de6cb397
2 years ago
Clark Boylan fab58f375a Disable airship citylcoud nodepool provider
They are having trouble with Glance so we pause image uploads to that
cloud and set max-servers to 0.

Change-Id: If0233d22c9eb14720aaea17158d4ae9a7db32d6e
2 years ago
Ian Wienand f5701dbd81 Revert "nodepool: pause centos-8-stream builds"
This reverts commit 813542fabd.

The original issue with the build hanging during package extraction is
fixed in DIB 3.13.0 with

which is now on builders.

Change-Id: I3c3cf29d1dd067b0213a2c22037449b40c016e13
2 years ago
Ian Wienand 813542fabd nodepool: pause centos-8-stream builds
A new release of rng-tools is causing the build to constantly time-out
[1].  I'm not confident with the dib change until it's had more review
[2], and it will take us some time to release or a fixed package to
come through anyway.  In the mean-time, pause the build.


Change-Id: Ieabc9d9b51e0a908480dfb56cfc5baf0d0760365
2 years ago
Ian Wienand 356b63f7bc nodepool: pause gentoo and tumbleweed builds
Both of these are failing in ways that look like we need to fix them
in dib.  Stop attempting to build them for now.

Change-Id: If013a67fb01f23cb6cef9610f218fa6b55067851
2 years ago
Mohammed Naser 980f3ba06a Remove fedora-32 disk image config
This is a followup change to the previous change which removed fedora-32
node launches. Here we cleanup the disk image configs

Change-Id: I459ec47735550e4adcc912bd707836582223b075
2 years ago
Mohammed Naser 5dc75c5944 Build images for Fedora 34
This patch adds all the images to build Fedora 34 using the new
container element.

Change-Id: Ifc650adbcb5ae6ed1f7ce50a4de58004ef020acc
2 years ago
Ian Wienand 1e12bf8b23 bullseye: set python-path
This varaible makes it's way through to zuul and the
``ansible_python_interpreter`` variable in the inventory.  It seems
that autodetection on Bullseye currently tries to choose python2, so
this will override it.

Change-Id: Ieb6e1dc76ac90936eb64bdeb1bd409472bc20715
2 years ago
Clark Boylan 48515a5fcc Add InMotion cloud to nodepool
This adds the new inmotion cloud to nodepool. We will upload images then
use a max server count of 8. There is potential to grow this number if
we can run an executor in this cloud that can hit node private addresses
or if we can get IPv6.

Change-Id: I3d0d79bb13aebbaacc55c2b57d264f5832eb3951
2 years ago
Dmitriy Rabotyagov 4ac828fb7b Add Debian Bullseye nodepool images and wheels
Since Debian Buster can not be used with nova 23.0.0 because of the
min required libvirt version, we should make Bullseye available for CI
to ensure that OpenStack Wallaby release will run on it smoothly.

Change-Id: I9c1bb7aaa02ba60ee52e2d7b990e2e6e1212317f
2 years ago