Monty Taylor 09da196701 Remove explicit bindep parameters
All of these invocations of the bindep role are passing what amount to
the defaults. In zuul-jobs, doing bindep_dir: "{{ zuul_work_dir }}" is
important because it allows in-repo uses of those jobs to override how
they work for things like triggering from one repo but running on

The publication jobs in project-config do not need that level of
flexibility, so just remove params and let defaults take over.

As a follow up, we could also add defaults for zuul_work_dir - and
honestly for bindep_dir - to the base job. That way we can always count
on them being set to a sane default value, and they're still
overrideable in a job.

Change-Id: I5bcda84aefa4726d0a904e8bc9698c21ca07f9a5
2018-01-05 22:17:17 +01:00
post-tox.yaml Use the new sphinx PTI for special publish jobs 2017-12-16 16:18:57 +01:00
pre-tox.yaml Remove explicit bindep parameters 2018-01-05 22:17:17 +01:00
run-tox.yaml Update specs-site and infra-index publication jobs 2017-10-05 14:25:42 -05:00