Ian Wienand 826a79f50f linter: update ansible-lint; add auto-download of roles
This updates ansible-lint to the 6.x releases.  It also updates the
ansible installed to our current zuul version.

It cleans up the config file and marks it as yaml.  A few new
exceptions are added with explainations.

We don't need to fake the zuul_return by telling ansible-lint to mock
it.  This is added to the config, and we can remove the stub file.

A constant source of problems running this locally is that you have to
have the other role repos checked out so ansible-lint can do its
checks.  Add a smaller helper script for doing this locally.  In the
gate, ANSIBLE_ROLES_PATH is set to the Zuul checkouts of these
projects.  Locally, add a smaller helper ""
that pulls the projects into a .cache directory.  If they are already
there, they get updated.  By default locally we will use these
checkouts.  This way, "tox -e linters" just works without having to do
anything else.

This also modifies the xargs to run the check all at once, instead of
fork for each file.  I did try autodetection but it seems like other
yaml files in the roles/playbook directories still confuse

Also I don't think we need a ansible-playbook --syntax-check step;
ansible-lint covers that.

Change-Id: I972f73037b9f904a555b81f3835ca5261639ed01
2022-08-12 09:29:11 +10:00
inventory ansible-lint: Add tests/inventory and vars.yaml 2017-10-28 19:03:51 +02:00
vars.yaml Remove site_specs and playbooks/publish/service-types.yaml 2020-03-03 21:30:26 +01:00