Configuration files for project CI systems
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Reviewing project-config

The following are notes for reviewers on how to review changes for project-config. These notes are not exhaustive, they cover a few caveats that especially core reviewers should be aware of.

Additional reviews

For changes to projects, there should be support by the project team that is affected. A couple of projects have listed infra liasons at . Changes should only merge when at least one of the infra liasons has given a +1. For not-listed projects, there are no rules but it might be good to ask for review by PTL or cores of the repo depending on the change.

Voting jobs

There should be no non-voting jobs in the gate queue. Voting jobs should be in both check and gate queues.

New repo creations

Check the following:

  • If publishing to PyPI is set up: Check that exists and is set up for openstackci.
  • Is this a new repository for a team that is part of the Big Tent? Then ask for a governance review and PTL+1.
  • If there's no import ("upstream" keyword) of an existing repository, best check that the team really wants to start with a new empty repo and has no content to import. Either is fine, it's just that an import at repo creation time is easy, afterwards it only causes problems.

Big Tent resources

Check that publishing to or is only enabled for projects that are in the Big Tent (mentioned in governance repository). Similary, translation workflow is also only enabled for Big Tent projects.

Proposal jobs

Proposal jobs run on the long running proposal slave that has access to the credentials that the jobs need to access Zanata and gerrit. Jobs running there are the exception and need to be carefully reviewed before approving them.

Here are some points to look at:

  • First response should be: How else can we achieve this?
  • Jobs can publish artifacts also to specific places, like or, and use these from other jobs.
  • Proposal jobs should not run arbitrary scripts from other repositories or install untrusted packages.

Removing check-requirements job

  • The repository holds list of projects that have check-requirements job in <root>/projects.txt.
  • Whenever a review is submitted for removing check-requirements job, the reviewer should verify that the project has been removed from projects.txt already or that this project-config change depends on the review to remove it.