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Add documentation for dependency management tools 7 months ago
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add review guidelines for the openstack freeze 7 months ago
  Matthew Thode b4921e40c8
Document review policy for OpenStack Proposal Bot 7 months ago
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Remove setup.py check from pep8 recommendations 7 months ago
  Lance Bragstad 3b1cb28b62 Add section about collecting feedback to PTL guide 7 months ago
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  Zane Bitter ef975a6cda Review guide: clarify 2x +2 policies 9 months ago
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Disable cycle banner 9 months ago
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  Anne Bertucio 10883eadf5 Adds Cycle-Highlights directions 11 months ago
  Jeremy Stanley 1f8211d041 There are no core developers, only core reviewers 11 months ago
  ghanshyam 58ce3837a7 Add FirstContact SIG liaison duty for PTL 11 months ago
  Thierry Carrez 15ec22abc2 Meetings no longer have to be in meeting channels 11 months ago
  Zuul a64e080fd6 Merge "Note that tox need python3-dev or python-dev" 11 months ago
  chenxing 081b39e04d Note that tox need python3-dev or python-dev 1 year ago
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  Thierry Carrez b512eaa35f Release management chapter updates 1 year ago
  Zane Bitter 1ffffc8a0f Add change review guide 1 year ago
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