Source code for the PTG event scheduling bot
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OpenStack PTG Bot

ptgbot is the bot that PTG track moderators use to surface what's currently happening at the event. Track moderators send messages to the bot, like:

#swift now discussing ring balancing

and from that information the bot builds a static webpage with discussion topics currently discussed ("now") and an indicative set of discussion topics coming up next ("next").

Track moderators commands

You have to have voice in the channel (+v) to send commands to the ptgbot. Commands follow the following format:

#TRACK [now|next] TOPIC

Please note that:

  • There can only be one "now" discussion topic at a time. If multiple topics are discussed at the same time in various corners of the room, they should all be specified in a single "now" command.
  • In order to ensure that information is current, entering a "now" command wipes out any "next" entry for the same topic. You might want to refresh those after entering a "now" topic.
  • The color command only sets the background color for the track name. The foreground is always white. Colors can be specified in any form supported by the CSS attribute background-color.


#swift now discussing ring placement
#swift color blue
#swift next at 2pm we plan to discuss #glance support
#swift next around 3pm we plan to cover cold storage features
#swift now discussing #glance support, come over!
#swift next at 3pm we plan to cover cold storage features
#oslo now discussing oslo.config drivers
#oslo location Level B, Ballroom A
#oslo color #42f4c5
#oslo next after lunch we plan to discuss auto-generating config reference docs

You can also remove all entries related to your track by issuing the following command:

#TRACK clean

Admin commands

You have to be a channel operator (+o) to use admin commands.


List available track names

~add TRACK [TRACK..]

Add new track(s)

~del TRACK [TRACK..]

Deletes track(s)

~clean TRACK [TRACK..]

Removes active entries for specified track(s)


Removes now/next/location entries, to be run at the start of a new day


Resets the database entirely (removes all defined tracks and topics)

Local testing

Copy config.json.sample to config.json:

cp config.json.sample config.json

Edit config.json contents, for example:

"irc_nick": "ptgbot",
"irc_server": "",
"irc_port": 6667,
"irc_channel": "#testptg",
"db_filename": "html/ptg.json",

In one terminal, run the bot:

tox -evenv -- ptgbot -d config.json

Join that channel and give commands to the bot:

~add swift
#swift now discussing ring placement

(note, the bot currently only takes commands from Freenode identified users)

In another terminal, start the webserver:

cd html && python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Open the web page in a web browser: