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Takashi Kajinami 6212bb5ea8 Use openstack_spec_helper from zuul checkout
Change-Id: I9b8c3210a1e69592872a57daeeb74c5d7e67bf2a
Co-Authored-By: Tobias Urdin <>
2022-08-23 14:41:46 +09:00
ZhongShengping 78d5b88699 Move to opendev
Change-Id: I4edb8c6cae3250c85718bdf85e966eb096079da3
2019-04-21 14:44:48 +08:00
ZhongShengping 01f6f8e23f Load puppet-openstack_spec_helper locally during tests
Change-Id: Iad1c04777383b0f88c35ad9dd9f94e05682e3ab8
Co-Authored-By: Mohammed Naser <>
2018-02-12 10:51:59 +08:00
Alex Schultz 323fb38a17 Update tox configuration
Update the tox configuration to pull in the openstack
upper-constraints.txt when running releasenotes. This will
fix the releasenotes job that is currently failing due to
a new version of sphinx. Additionally this change includes
updates from puppet-modulesync-configs.

Change-Id: Ib56008ab2a926631fbb8aa8632ec511e68665679
2017-05-17 08:20:06 -06:00
Emilien Macchi 004d25f9a5 Gemfile: rely on puppet-openstack_spec_helper for dependencies
Rely on puppet-openstack_spec_helper gemspec file for managing Gems

Change-Id: Iacf5c98da02c5db25ee80245b530ea170318a2e8
Depends-On: Iaf01f0aed5a34fb83a27678e7e8bb4d2a84d6428
2016-03-30 11:42:44 -04:00
Emilien Macchi a7f568f555 drop mock dependency
mock is not used anywhere in the module, let's drop it.
This patch will help to hit this bug:

Change-Id: Ia4f85ce2088759ec6e07bda994f0c011a0886b36
2016-01-22 09:27:24 -05:00
Emilien Macchi 277cf7ae23 Use openstack spec helper for spec defaults
* Add puppet-openstack_spec_helper to Gemfile
* Use puppet-openstack_spec_helper/defaults in spec_helper
* Delete spec/defaults.rb, useless now

Change-Id: Iba85d84a1dfec3721a3e5c76d4633aad2806af18
2016-01-13 18:30:50 -05:00
Alex Schultz a446693bae Add rspec-puppet-facts to the spec_helper
This change adds the rspec-puppet-facts gem to the spec helper so that
we can centralize the management of the base operating systems that we
support. rspec-puppet-facts allows us to simplify our unit tests and
provides a more complete list of Operating Systems and their associated
facts for the unit tests.  With this change we can now loop over and
test CentOS, Debian, Fedora, RedHat, and Ubuntu by simply providing a
list of supported os to rspec-puppet-facts.

Additionally this change includes a central object for managing our
supported os list for rspec-puppet-facts and providing our default facts
like os_service_default. This central object should replace the usage of
@default_facts within the unit tests for each module.

Change-Id: I977b9f2fd1558d45128d8a0bd161faba982dda4e
2016-01-11 21:27:50 -07:00
Emilien Macchi 5fe889fdf5 Try to use zuul-cloner to prepare fixtures
In OpenStack Infra, we would like to run Puppet unit tests that
sometimes depends on other Puppet OpenStack modules.
Example: a patch in puppet-openstacklib that needs to be tested in puppet-nova.

This patch modifies the Rakefile to:
* clean spec_prep and spec_clean Rake tasks
* use openstack/puppet-openstack-integration/ script
  to clone modules.
* do not use .fixtures.yaml file to clone modules and rely on
  zuul-cloner or git.
* Add openstack/ in gitignore so we never commit the
  puppet-openstack-integration repository (can happen when spec_clean
  did not run but you want to submit the patch anyway)
* Allow to run a custom Puppetfile if PUPPETFILE env is exported. It
  will allow people to test the module with the dependencies they like,
  feature we had with .fixtures.yaml.

Also add 'r10k' to Gemfile.

That way, we will be able to use zuul dependencies and run tests accross
modules like we do with functional testing.

Change-Id: I22ce72a855bc9a2fce396a1d3f109c1f97615d4c
2015-10-08 14:43:15 -07:00
Emilien Macchi ca85542cc2 puppet-aodh: Initial commit
This is the initial commit for puppet-aodh.
It has been automatically generated using cookiecutter[1] and msync[2]


Change-Id: I17611e8608931cf69b8d9891620e901a8936e19e
2015-10-01 09:35:49 -04:00