10 Commits (89da4b14fa7512a9cc0afd9748c5b1c539834091)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Takashi Kajinami 33d690c7eb Add support for the interface parameter in authtoken middleware 2 years ago
Takashi Kajinami f9491ff8df Add support to configure service_token_roles in authtoken middleware 3 years ago
ZhongShengping d3b2dd80ab Service_token_roles_required missing in the server config file 3 years ago
ZhongShengping 768fa0661c Deprecate pki related options 4 years ago
caoyuan 61d07624ce Replace port 35357 with 5000 4 years ago
ZhongShengping f1237a940d Deprecate auth_uri option 4 years ago
ZhongShengping c477791fc9 Deprecate revocation_cache_time option 5 years ago
Matthew J. Black 64ba3872cb Allow python-memcache install from authtoken class 5 years ago
ZhongShengping dcfd625888 Deprecate signing_dir option 5 years ago
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira 75161dd0ca Move aodh to authtoken 6 years ago