10 Commits (0edb3b1831105d80efd3443623b423eaac8cc8b0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tobias Urdin 980151bd83 Use openstack_spec_helper from zuul checkout 2 years ago
ZhongShengping 637b508e99 Move to opendev 3 years ago
ZhongShengping a9d5183773 Load puppet-openstack_spec_helper locally during tests 4 years ago
Alex Schultz f610aa0645 Update tox configuration 5 years ago
Emilien Macchi 19d3a202f6 Gemfile: rely on puppet-openstack_spec_helper for dependencies 6 years ago
Emilien Macchi 394e895dfa drop mock dependency 7 years ago
Denis Egorenko f060303b10 Use openstack spec helper for spec defaults 7 years ago
Alex Schultz 47fbf63e4e Update to pull in rspec-puppet-facts 7 years ago
Emilien Macchi a49f187941 Try to use zuul-cloner to prepare fixtures 7 years ago
Emilien Macchi 18e92427eb puppet-barbican: Initial commit 7 years ago