OpenStack Barbican Puppet Module
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Zuul eca459a90b Merge "Add support for [cors] options" 3 weeks ago
barbican_api_logging_spec.rb Fix lint issue 3 years ago
barbican_api_spec.rb Accept actual service name for api service name 1 year ago
barbican_client_spec.rb Get rid of the $pyvers variable 2 months ago
barbican_config_spec.rb Missing deps for config.pp unit test 3 years ago
barbican_cors_spec.rb Add support for [cors] options 3 weeks ago
barbican_db_mysql_spec.rb Include deps class in unit test for mysql 10 months ago
barbican_db_postgresql_spec.rb Include deps class in unit test for postgresql 10 months ago
barbican_db_spec.rb Merge "Remove redundant unit test cases" 11 months ago
barbican_db_sync_spec.rb Allow db sync timeouts to be configurable 8 months ago
barbican_healthcheck_spec.rb Add support for healthcheck middleware options 6 months ago
barbican_keystone_auth_spec.rb Convert spec testing to use rspec-puppet-facts 3 years ago
barbican_keystone_authtoken_spec.rb Fix a typo in the example parameter 9 months ago
barbican_keystone_notification_spec.rb Update barbican for Debian based systems 5 years ago
barbican_plugins_dogtag_spec.rb Fix secretstore value to align with python entrypoint. 2 years ago
barbican_plugins_kmip_spec.rb Add support for multiple backends 4 years ago
barbican_plugins_p11_crypto_spec.rb Merge "Accept a list value for p11_crypto_plugin_token_labels" 4 months ago
barbican_plugins_simple_crypto_spec.rb Add support for multiple backends 4 years ago
barbican_plugins_vault_spec.rb Add Vault Secret Store Plugin 2 years ago
barbican_policy_spec.rb Allow to configure policy_dirs 4 months ago
barbican_quota_spec.rb Update barbican for Debian based systems 5 years ago
barbican_worker_spec.rb Add barbican::worker class 3 years ago
barbican_wsgi_apache_spec.rb Missing supported_os fact 8 months ago
barbican_wsgi_uwsgi_spec.rb Add support for barbican_api_uwsgi_config in Debian 3 months ago