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44 Commits (41579d71e5aa8a753f6197fcec323c728f4c1885)

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ZhongShengping 448056ebba Add mysql_enable_ndb option 2 years ago
ZhongShengping 8a21f3b5b5 Deprecate min_pool_size option 3 years ago
ZhongShengping d6265c7b45 Remove idle_timeout option 3 years ago
Tobias Urdin 74fe1d927f Convert all class usage to relative names 3 years ago
ZhongShengping c7415121fc Deprecate idle_timeout option 4 years ago
ZhongShengping 03db4e5145 Add pool_timeout option 5 years ago
ZhongShengping 76bce0ada4 Fix mysql connection 5 years ago
ZhongShengping fc4a0fd510 Add hooks for external install & svc management 6 years ago
Alfredo Moralejo af4af189ea Replace ceilometer-dbsync by ceilometer-upgrade 6 years ago
Carlos Camacho 35ca4c173b Add support for db_max_retries param 7 years ago
iberezovskiy 01668bfd32 Configure oslo related parameters using puppet-oslo 7 years ago
Xingchao Yu 27654f3e17 Improve format of the documentations. 7 years ago
Emilien Macchi 51fdead1dc deprecate mongodb_replica_set parameter 7 years ago
iberezovskiy ae60c149f2 Support of PyMySQL driver for MySQL backend 7 years ago
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira 6156cb49f2 Ceilometer $::os_service_default for db and log 7 years ago
Mykyta Karpin 1c651fe987 add mongodb_replica_set option to ceilometer module 7 years ago
Matt Fischer fb936e5409 Remove deprcated mysql_module 7 years ago
Sebastien Badia 0edd125704 db: Use postgresql lib class for psycopg package 7 years ago
Yanis Guenane 4d72c6ceec Update ceilometer::db class to match other module pattern 7 years ago
Yanis Guenane 7b920066e1 Creation of ceilometer::db::sync 7 years ago
Emilien Macchi 4cc03d183c Ensure python-mysqldb is installed before MySQL db_sync 8 years ago
Gael Chamoulaud 8d17c36818 Tag all Ceilometer packages 8 years ago
Sebastien Badia 565c78cc7f Add Puppet 4.x lint checks 8 years ago
Paul Belanger 9edcfeeeab Fix syntax error with postgresql database string 8 years ago
Colleen Murphy 15ab1a6e27 Migrate mysql backend to use openstacklib::db::mysql 8 years ago
Soren Hansen 0d0eda813e Use 2.2 as the default mysql_module 8 years ago
Stefano Zilli b10f1af5b0 Hide secrets from puppet logs 9 years ago
Michael Chapman addaf5179d Add support for puppetlabs-mysql 2.2 9 years ago
Yanis Guenane e6c1911943 Define $user referenced in db.pp 9 years ago
Yanis Guenane 1aa1d795f0 Allow db fields configuration without doing the dbsync 9 years ago
Francesco Vollero 0fb3b8f693 Updates to params.pp for mongo and postgres packages 9 years ago
Benedikt Trefzer 0bd24d09a8 fix postgresql connection string 9 years ago
Xingchao Yu b7f74dfe96 Use connection to replace deprecated database_connection 9 years ago
Ian Wienand 60b0ff4786 Handle Centos/RHEL pymongo packages 9 years ago
François Charlier 50c802f371 Update existing puppetdoc & add missing puppetdoc 10 years ago
Mathieu Gagné a530fe1100 Remove inheritance from ceilometer 10 years ago
Mathieu Gagné 938d647ac7 Remove ceilometer-dbsync override 10 years ago
François Charlier 3ce24a5561 Agents, Api, Db & Collector classes inherit from ceilometer 10 years ago
François Charlier c32c3ef345 Add user to localhost 10 years ago
François Charlier 5c9f72f96d Add the dbsync file, it's not yet in the packages 10 years ago
François Charlier 9665551a5f Remove wrong requirement for ceilometer-dbsync 10 years ago
François Charlier 81657c5a1e Fix incomplete subscribe declaration 10 years ago
François Charlier 54582bbbde Fix the name of the ceilometer config provider 10 years ago
François Charlier 4ae12d7905 Add ceilometer-dbsync and fix some db-related deps 10 years ago
François Charlier e2b0c7fca1 Move database settings to a different class 10 years ago