13 Commits (7fb0d9b767bf4c08a48b3ff846a7a0a84396ce26)

Author SHA1 Message Date
ZhongShengping 7fb0d9b767 Deprecate min_pool_size option 2 years ago
ZhongShengping 63bdd77fe5 Remove idle_timeout option 2 years ago
Tobias Urdin 1e1be4fb56 Convert all class usage to relative names 2 years ago
ZhongShengping a933deb802 Deprecate idle_timeout option 3 years ago
Tobias Urdin 45303fec6d Use validate_legacy 3 years ago
ZhongShengping 9cc26966c8 Add pool_timeout option 4 years ago
Matt Fischer bb1e3e67dc Cinder hooks support 5 years ago
Giulio Fidente fffd82deec Add support for db_max_retries param 6 years ago
Denis Egorenko 35bedf78c8 Update Cinder for using puppet-oslo 6 years ago
iberezovskiy e76e0b5d36 Support of PyMySQL driver for MySQL backend 6 years ago
Sebastien Badia efab638752 db: Use postgresql lib class for psycopg package 6 years ago
Alex Schultz 667e6c0850 Switch cinder to use os_service_default fact 6 years ago
Yanis Guenane 9448cfa845 Introduce cinder::db class 6 years ago