OpenStack Designate Puppet Module
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8.0.0 and beyond

From 8.0.0 release and beyond, release notes are published on

2015-11-25 - 7.0.0


This is a backwards-incompatible major release for OpenStack Liberty.

Backwards-incompatible changes

  • change section name for AMQP rabbit parameters


  • create designate::db::sync
  • reflect provider change in puppet-openstacklib
  • put all the logging related parameters to the logging class
  • allow customization of db sync command line
  • metadata: Add missing powerdns module
  • use generic_service to manage services
  • add enabled_notification_handlers option
  • add related parameters to service::central section
  • add designate_rootwrap_config in designate::config
  • add notification related parameters to designate
  • add hooks for external install & svc management


  • rely on autorequire for config resource ordering


  • fix rspec 3.x syntax
  • initial msync run for all Puppet OpenStack modules
  • acceptance: enable debug & verbosity for OpenStack logs
  • try to use zuul-cloner to prepare fixtures
  • remove class_parameter_defaults puppet-lint check
  • acceptance: use common bits from puppet-openstack-integration

2015-10-10 - 6.1.0


This is a maintenance release in the Kilo series.


  • acceptance: checkout stable/kilo puppet modules

2015-07-08 - 6.0.0


  • Initial release of the puppet-designate module