OpenStack Designate Puppet Module
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Takashi Kajinami 1bd74f65ad Allow customizing [DEFAULT] state_path 7 months ago
designate_agent_spec.rb agent: Add support for workers and threads 9 months ago
designate_api_spec.rb Add Designate API WSGI support 10 months ago
designate_backend_bind9_spec.rb Add bind9 backend parameter to allow bypassing bind configuration 1 year ago
designate_central_spec.rb Add support for [service:central] scheduler_filters 9 months ago
designate_client_spec.rb Get rid of the $pyvers variable 1 year ago
designate_config_spec.rb Missing deps for config.pp unit test 4 years ago
designate_coordination_spec.rb Use oslo::coordination to manage coordination parameters 1 year ago
designate_cors_spec.rb Add support for [cors] options 1 year ago
designate_db_mysql_spec.rb Include deps class in unit test for mysql 2 years ago
designate_db_postgresql_spec.rb Add designate::db::postgresql class. 1 year ago
designate_db_spec.rb Use oslo::db class to set database parameters 2 years ago
designate_db_sync_spec.rb Allow db sync timeouts to be configurable 2 years ago
designate_healthcheck_spec.rb Add support for healthcheck middleware options 2 years ago
designate_init_spec.rb Allow customizing [DEFAULT] state_path 7 months ago
designate_keystone_auth_spec.rb Use consistent spelling, OpenStack, instead of Openstack 9 months ago
designate_keystone_authtoken_spec.rb Do not test authtoken parameters directly 12 months ago
designate_logging_spec.rb Add watch_log_file option 11 months ago
designate_mdns_spec.rb Only designate-central and mdns require database access 4 years ago
designate_policy_spec.rb Allow purging policy files 12 months ago
designate_producer_spec.rb producer: Convert enabled_tasks to comma separated list 1 year ago
designate_quota_spec.rb Add designate::quota class to manage quota options 6 years ago
designate_sink_spec.rb Accept string for enabled_notification_handlers 8 months ago
designate_worker_spec.rb Standardize the manage service parameter 1 year ago
designate_wsgi_apache_spec.rb Clean up direct dependencies on puppetlabs-apache 8 months ago
designate_wsgi_uwsgi_spec.rb Add support for designate_api_uwsgi_config in Debian 1 year ago
designate_zone_manager_spec.rb Add manifest for designate-zone-manager 6 years ago